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Tour of StarFall

Now that I introduced the characters to you, it’s time to share more about my town. Right now, my town doesn’t match what I am trying to share, but it does match my dream town. The last time I updated my Dream Town was four months ago.

I will show some pictures of my town today. At the same time, I will explain more about the town.

Regions of StarFall

Although no visible borders are drawn in my town, I have divided my town into nine regions, but four of them are separated from the other five. The super-regions of StarFall are actually based on what side of the river. Most of the town is on what I call the “north side of the river”. It has most of the landmarks, orchards, animal houses, and the road to Main Street. I can place my favorite animals on this side of the river. The south side of the river is the smaller part of town, but is has the majority of the PWPs, but only a small majority. It’s more beautiful than the north side of the river, and all of my humans are placed south of the river.

The north side of the river has five regions:

  • Town Hall Region
  • Campsite
  • Plaza
  • Eastern Road
  • Southern Road

The south side of the river has four regions:

  • Crossroads
  • Western Road
  • Space Castle Plaza
  • Seasons-Café Region

The regions are based on what PWPs I place, what trees I grow, and a few cut-offs of land.

Here is the map of town:

Map of StarFall

The North

The majority of the town is north of the river. The town has trees planted in a designated section of the town. The path flowers are red, white, and yellow tulips. All my PWPs on this side are under the modern motif with the flower clock, windmill, and the solar panels being the outliers of this side. All ten residents of StarFall live on this side.

Town Hall Region:

The heart of StarFall, and the largest region in town, is the Town Hall Region. Main Street, Town Hall, the Re-Tail, and the Train Station are all part of this huge region. The three common trees are the apples, oranges, and lemons. Aurora, Ava, and Lobo all live on this region.


StarFall 25 (Town Hall)

Town Hall

StarFall 26 (Re-Tail)

Re-Tail, with the StarFall Solar Panels

StarFall 27 (Re-Tail Bench)

Bench behind Re-Tail’s lake

StarFall 24 (Villager Houses)

Some houses in this region

StarFall 28 (Train Station)

Train Station


Although this is technically part of the Town Hall Region, the Campsite is a separate region in its own, bounded within olive shrubs and pine trees. It’s named after the main attraction, the Campsite. There is a lake in this region as well.


StarFall 22 (Campsite)

Campsite (someone’s camping today)

StarFall 23 (Campsite Lake)

The lake


In the northeastern corner of the town, the town tree stands there. You may be familiar with the purpose of this attraction. In StarFall, it is bounded by cherry trees and white tulips. The town fruit is the cherry, and the tulip is the town flower.


StarFall 21 (Plaza)


Eastern Road:

On the eastern strip of town, more specifically south of the plaza, there is a long road that extends all the way to the flower clock at the corner. Somewhere in the middle of this region, there is a path to a ramp to the beach, and the Seasons-Café Bridge, which connects to the Seasons-Café Region. Katt, Keaton, Blaire, Bubbles, and all of my pear trees on the North are in this region. It starts with the lamp in front of the plaza and ends at the flower clock in the corner.


StarFall 20 (Eastern Road)

Eastern Road Segment (with path to the bridge)

StarFall 19 (Flower Clock)

Flower Clock at the corner, which divides the Eastern Road and Southern Road

Southern Road:

Although this is part of the North, the Southern Road is actually south of a river segment that flows there. It extends to the Waterfall Bridge and flower clock at the corner. Pierce, Walker, and Roald all live in this region. The StarFall Windmill and Police Station are also part of this region. Peach trees and yellow tulips dominate this region.


StarFall 18 (Police Station)

Police Station

StarFall 17 (Southern Road)

Animals that live in this region

StarFall 16 (Windmill)

StarFall Windmill

The South

While most of the town is north of the river, the South is where all of the humans live. From the very beginning, no animal has inhabited this region, and although I have seen a few animal plots when I was plot resetting, no animal has officially moved on this side of the river, ever. And now, it’s impossible for any animal to move there based on my placement of the PWPs there. Trees aren’t in uniform there, all flowers are hybrid tulips in a pattern, the modern motif doesn’t apply here, and most of the town’s PWPs are here. I even like the South side of the river more.


The northern bit of the South is what I call the Crossroads. It divides between the Western Road, the Town Hall Region, and the Seasons-Café Region. The most significant landmark of this side is the StarFall Tower, which is at the end of one of the paths of the Crossroads.


StarFall 14 (Crossroads Bridge)

Crossroads Bridge, the only vertical bridge in StarFall

StarFall 08 (Crossroads)

The center of the Crossroads

StarFall 07 (Solar Panels)

The solar panel for the South (which is between the StarFall Tower and center)

StarFall 06 (Tower)

The StarFall Tower

StarFall 09 (Crossroads Clock)

Crossroads Clock (which is between the center and Seasons-Café Region)

Western Road:

The part of town south of the Crossroads is the Western Road, which connects to the Crossroads, Space Castle Plaza, the Southern Road, and the unique attraction of the region, the StarFall Lighthouse. Two of the illuminated projects are in this region too.


StarFall 05 (Cone of Light)

The north end of the Western Road (which includes one of the paths to Space Castle Plaza)

StarFall 04 (Western Road)

The south end of the Western Road (which includes three paths)

StarFall 03 (Lighthouse)

The StarFall Lighthouse (which includes lighthouse sign)

StarFall 15 (Waterfall Bridge)

The Waterfall Bridge

Space Castle Plaza:

While the Town Hall Region is the main region of StarFall, the Space Castle Plaza is the same way for the South. This was the first region I worked on when placing PWPs. This region is named after the Space Castle, also known as Kaylee’s house or the mayor’s house. I had three projects to connect here as well.


StarFall 01 (Space Castle)

The Space Castle (or Kaylee’s house)

StarFall 02 (Space Castle Plaza)

A better view of the plaza

Seasons-Café Region:

The last region to go over is the Seasons-Café Region. It is named after Jenny’s and Penny’s houses, as well as the South’s most famous attraction, the StarFall Café (or the Roost). It’s on the thin strip of land bounded between both horizontal segments of the river.


StarFall 10 (Fall House)

The Fall House (or Jenny’s house)

StarFall 11 (Winter House)

The Winter House (or Penny’s house)

StarFall 12 (Cafe)

The StarFall Café

StarFall 13 (Seasons-Cafe Bridge)

The Seasons-Café Bridge

If you want to see more about it, here is my dream address:


Some point in time, I will go over more detail about the houses. Now that I shared what my town has, let’s go over what built up to this town. In the next 21 weeks, I will go over StarFall’s history, covering the records and stuff I journalized as I worked on this town.