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Swamp Café

Happy Friday everyone! As I said before, every Friday is when I’ll write an entry on creativity or a logic problem. As it’s an odd week, I’ll do creativity. Back on the Bell Tree, I written blogs on creative ideas every five entries. I may share some of the entries I written there.

As you see, my dream job is to run a restaurant. I have been planning on what my restaurant was going to be about last year. Normally, in my Creativity Blog, my ideas aren’t guaranteed to come true, but this is one of them that I want to come true. Inspired by a defunct restaurant on one of the streets in my town and the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland, I decided to come up with one on my own. It won’t be exactly after, but it’s more in the rural side of the swamp. Swamp Café is based after Louisiana, hence, it’s a Cajun-themed restaurant.

I would have Cajun foods sold, but my main idea besides having a good management is having a good design. Would you want to have a theme-less restaurant with corrugated walls and roof with food like what I’m describing? Inside, I would make it look like a swamp.

The entry to the restaurant on the inside, where customers can wait for their reservations, would look like some house built in the swamp. More like a boathouse, but no water inside. The reservations can be made in the “porch” (a feature of the swamp house on the inside). Next to the restaurant entry is part of the same cabin, but that’s a gift shop. Like Rainforest Café and Cracker Barrel, a gift shop would be part of the restaurant. On the other side of the restaurant entry in the same “house”, I will have the restrooms.

Away from the porch would be the swamp. The walkways and floors for the tables would be made after wood we see on deckings. There are fences to keep the customers inside the walkways. I would have four seating areas, and I would have a lot of scenery. There are ceiling lights that are bright, but they are only used during emergencies or post-closing cleaning. The actual lighting for the restaurant will be on the post lanterns along the fences. They are bright enough for the waiters and customers to see where they’re going, but dark enough to not provide illumination across the entire restaurant, giving it a swamp night ambience. Outside the deckings where people can sit at will be a two-foot deep artificial lake (with real water) around the restaurant. It’s like an indoor swimming pool, but swimming is prohibited. There are fountains and drains in the artificial lake indoors to keep the water flowing and not keep the same old water. Inside the water would be animatronic animals. I would even add music and sound effects through the restaurant’s speakers.

The four dining areas will have the same service, but different scenery. One of them is in the center. While there are deckings, there is also a spot with a big but artificial willow tree. On the deckings around the tree are some tables. The ones adjacent to the fences would be the booth tables as the ones closer to the center would be regular tables. Another dining area would be left of the center (assuming that the front swamp house with gift shop was at the front). That would be resembling a dock. All tables are just tables. No booths. The square dock is wider than the bridge to the dock. The dining area to the right would be another swamp house. This time, all tables in this area are inside a house within a building. The tables are booth tables as the ambience of the area is a cabin ambience. The last dining area is towards the back. Like the center, the tables are mixed. The area is supposed to be another porch, but part of the third house, which is the kitchen. Along with the dining area is a bar.

The design of the restaurant is what I want to show the most, but the food should also match the design. Like I said before, it will have Cajun cooking. The menus will have freshwater fish and other creatures. It would also have other classic Louisiana recipes, such as gumbo. I’ll even have some chicken, shrimp, and salads.

I have yet to decide what foods to serve and what management to come up with. Right now, I am a college student, but I have to go through more of the hard classes before I can start going through the business classes. When I’m done working in college, I’ll be ready to start a business.