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StarFall History – Public Works Project Unlock History

Last time, I went over the animals that lived in StarFall, either that I journalized properly or that was in my post-history. I was going to go over the PWPs in my town, but I need to go over what I have unlocked for StarFall. And to go over that, I need to list what animals lived in StarFall, which I got done, so I’ll be ready for the PWP unlock history.

Each day, only one PWP was suggested, except for some days, when two are suggested. I will go over the order they were unlocked, the date they were unlocked (in-game), and the animals that suggested them. The ones in bold are major PWPs as the ones not emphasized are minor PWPs. The next part will discuss what I was looking for and other fascinating projects.

History of Unlocks

PWP Unlocks

I didn’t receive a single PWP suggestion until the first PWP was built. Kaylee took office on January 2nd, 2014. On January 3rd, she started to work on getting her permit. On the 4th, she got a 100% approval rating. And on the 5th, she finally got her permit. It wasn’t until the 10th when she worked on her very first project. If you want to know what I unlocked, here is the list:

  1. Drinking Fountain: Unlocked on 1/11, suggested by Daisy.
  2. Dream Suite: Unlocked on 1/12, suggested by Isabelle.
  3. Moai Statue: Unlocked on 1/12, suggested by Olaf.
  4. Cube Sculpture: Unlocked on 1/13, suggested by Olaf.
  5. Reset Surveillance Center: Unlocked on 1/14, suggested by Resetti.
  6. Wooden Bench: Unlocked on 1/29, suggested by Canberra.
  7. Brick Bridge: Unlocked on 1/29, suggested by Hamlet.
  8. Caution Sign: Unlocked on 1/30, suggested by Hamlet.
  9. Traffic Signal: Unlocked on 1/31, suggested by Hamlet.
  10. Yield Sign: Unlocked on 2/1, suggested by Freya.
  11. Museum Renovation: Unlocked on 2/3, suggested by Blathers.
  12. Stadium Light: Unlocked on 2/4, suggested by Hamlet.
  13. Modern Bridge: Unlocked on 2/5, suggested by Freya.
  14. Cafe: Unlocked on 2/12, suggested by Blathers.
  15. Police Station: Unlocked on 2/16, suggested by Freya.
  16. Illuminated Clock: Unlocked on 2/20, suggested by Victoria.
  17. Totem Pole: Unlocked on 2/21, suggested by Olaf.
  18. Train Station Renovation: Unlocked on 2/24, suggested by Porter.
  19. Wind Turbine: Unlocked on 2/24, suggested by Hamlet.
  20. Solar Panel: Unlocked on 2/26, suggested by Hamlet.
  21. Jungle Gym: Unlocked on 2/27, suggested by Nate.
  22. Instrument Shelter: Unlocked on 3/1, suggested by Hamlet.
  23. Stone Tablet: Unlocked on 3/2, suggested by Freya.
  24. Hot Spring: Unlocked on 3/4, suggested by Freya.
  25. Modern Clock: Unlocked on 3/5, suggested by Freya.
  26. Modern Streetlight: Unlocked on 3/6, suggested by Freya.
  27. Lighthouse: Unlocked on 3/7, suggested by Freya.
  28. Parabolic Antenna: Unlocked on 3/8, suggested by Olaf.
  29. Illuminated Arch: Unlocked on 3/9, suggested by Freya.
  30. Modern Bench: Unlocked on 3/10, suggested by Freya.
  31. Tower: Unlocked on 3/11, suggested by Freya.
  32. Illuminated Heart: Unlocked on 3/12, suggested by Victoria.
  33. Metal Bench: Unlocked on 3/13, suggested by Victoria.
  34. Round Streetlight: Unlocked on 3/14, suggested by Victoria.
  35. Illuminated Tree: Unlocked on 3/16, suggested by Victoria.
  36. Windmill: Unlocked on 3/18, suggested by Canberra.
  37. Fire PIt: Unlocked on 3/23, suggested by Hamlet.
  38. Water Pump: Unlocked on 4/3, suggested by Broccolo.
  39. Flower Clock: Unlocked on 4/24, suggested by Isabelle.
  40. Town Hall Renovation: Unlocked on 4/24, suggested by Isabelle.
  41. Circle Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  42. Square Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  43. Tulip Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  44. Outdoor Chair: Unlocked on 5/29, suggested by Daisy.
  45. Tire Toy: Unlocked on 6/17, suggested by Broccolo.
  46. Fortune Teller’s Shop: Unlocked on 8/6, suggested by Katrina.

What I was looking for

Penny 02

Although I liked how I got 46 PWPs in my projectory, only 19 of them were what I was looking for. 22 of them were in use in my town, even if they weren’t originally going to be there.

Here are the 19 PWPs I was looking for that got unlocked, and they won’t be in any specific order:

  • Museum Renovation
  • Fortune Teller’s Shop
  • Dream Suite
  • Cafe
  • Police Station
  • Train Station Renovation
  • Town Hall Renovation
  • Modern Bench
  • Modern Streetlight
  • Modern Clock
  • Modern Bridge
  • Illuminated Arch
  • Illuminated Clock
  • Illuminated Heart
  • Illuminated Tree
  • Lighthouse
  • Tower
  • Windmill
  • Solar Panel

The three extra PWPs I used were the stone tablet, the wooden bench, and the flower clock. Originally, they weren’t going to be placed in StarFall, but due to some loopholes and not at the quota, I decided to add a few more PWPs. The Flower Clock was a result of not having 30 PWPs. There was a loophole that would allow animals to move south of the river, so I built a wooden bench to prevent that. The other possibility of an animal moving south of the river was also blocked, thanks to the stone tablet.

The reason why I had mostly modern themed PWPs is because I wanted StarFall to be a Modern themed town. The North Side of the river was to fit the Modern motif as the South Side of the river had all the illuminated projects. The major PWPs, the lighthouse, windmill, tower, and solar panel were also on my wanted list.

Other interesting stories

  • The Train Station Renovation project was unlocked early because I used Belcroft as my host town for StarFall.
  • I didn’t expect the topiaries to be unlocked due to how easy weeds can grow, but I got lucky and unlocked all three topiaries.
  • The traffic signal, wind turbine, cube sculpture, and parabolic antenna were all interesting to me, but they were neither in use nor were they on my wanted list.
  • I was stuck in the month of March for a while because I was busy trying to unlock all of the PWPs I wanted, but it took a while. I even helped out another AC player get her Spider Crab because I was still in March.

Next week, I will cover information on the whole PWP history.


Ranking the Public Works Projects and Nookling Stores

Last week, I went over the furniture series, themes, and sets, and ranked them from worst to best. Now I am going over the third list, the list of all minor PWPs and Nookling expansions. Today’s entry will be about PWPs, PWP sets, and my opinions on them.

PWP Sets

A PWP set is a set of minor PWPs with the same motif. Unlike furniture and clothes, PWPs do not have a designated group. This is non-canon information here, but it’s an easy way to organize. Here are the following PWP Sets:

  • Generic – themeless PWPs that can be used anytime
  • Zen – Japanese based PWPs. All PWPs of this kind are suggested by Cranky Villagers
  • Fairy-Tale – Fantasy based PWPs. All PWPs (other than the bridge and the bell) are suggested by Normal Villagers
  • Modern – City based PWPs. All PWPs (other than the bridge) are suggested by Snooty Villagers
  • Ancient – Historical PWPs suggested by Smug Villagers
  • Garden – Natural themed PWPs
  • Illuminated – Metal frame PWPs that light up at night
  • Semi-Major – Three PWPs that you can have only one of each.
  • Environmental – Environment themed PWPs
  • City – The other city based PWPs, the ones outside the Modern motif.

I will list the PWPs based on set:


  • Yellow Bench
  • Blue Bench
  • Wooden Bench
  • Metal Bench
  • Chair Sculpture
  • Pile of Pipes
  • Tire Toy
  • Street Lamp
  • Round Streetlight
  • Streetlight
  • Park Clock
  • Cobblestone Bridge
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Brick Bridge
  • Balloon Arch
  • Do-Not-Enter Sign
  • Caution Sign
  • Yield Sign
  • Camping Cot
  • Hammock
  • Fence
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fountain
  • Water Well
  • Custom-Design Sign
  • Face Cut-Out Standee
  • Archway Sculpture
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Fire Pit
  • Jungle Gym
  • Instrument Shelter
  • Sandbox
  • Stone Tablet


  • Zen Bench
  • Zen Streetlight
  • Zen Clock
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Zen Bell
  • Zen Garden
  • Rack of Rice


  • Fairy-Tale Bench
  • Fairy-Tale Streetlight
  • Fairy-Tale Clock
  • Fairy-Tale Bridge
  • Bell


  • Modern Bench
  • Modern Streetlight
  • Modern Clock
  • Modern Bridge


  • Moai Statue
  • Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • Statue Fountain
  • Stonehenge
  • Totem Pole


  • Flower Arch
  • Flower Bed
  • Flower Clock
  • Circle Topiary
  • Square Topiary
  • Tulip Topiary
  • Hot Spring
  • Log Bench
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Wisteria Trellis
  • Water Pump
  • Scarecrow
  • Outdoor Chair
  • Geyser
  • Torch


  • Illuminated Arch
  • Illuminated Clock
  • Illuminated Heart
  • Illuminated Tree


  • Lighthouse
  • Tower
  • Windmill


  • Garbage Can
  • Drilling Rig
  • Solar Panel
  • Wind Turbine


  • Bus Stop
  • Cube Sculpture
  • Parabolic Antenna
  • Stadium Light
  • Traffic Signal
  • Video Screen

Ranking the PWPs by set

Because some are tied and others are not, I will be splitting four set into four other sets as I merge the City with the remainder of Generic.


  • #1 – Wooden Bench
  • #2 – Modern Bench
  • #3 – Metal Bench
  • #4 – Yellow Bench
  • #5 – Zen Bench
  • #6 – Blue Bench
  • #7 – Fairy-Tale Bench


  • #1 – Street Lamp
  • #2 – Round Streetlight
  • #3 – Modern Streetlight
  • #4 – Zen Streetlight
  • #5 – Fairy-Tale Streetlight
  • #6 – Streetlight


  • #1 – Modern Clock
  • #2 – Zen Clock
  • #3 – Fairy-Tale Clock
  • #4 – Park Clock


  • #1 – Modern Bridge
  • #2 – Wooden Bridge
  • #3 – Cobblestone Bridge
  • #4 – Brick Bridge
  • #5 – Fairy-Tale Bridge
  • #6 – Suspension Bridge


  • #1 – Pyramid
  • #2 – Sphinx
  • #3 – Stonehenge
  • #4 – Moai Statue
  • #5 – Totem Pole
  • #6 – Statue Fountain


  • #1 – Flower Clock
  • #2 – Flower Arch
  • #3 – Picnic Blanket
  • #4 – Log Bench
  • #5 – Outdoor Chair
  • #6 – Wisteria Trellis
  • #7 – Water Pump
  • #8 – Torch
  • #9 – Circle Topiary
  • #10 – Square Topiary
  • #11 – Tulip Topiary
  • #12 – Geyser
  • #13 – Scarecrow
  • #14 – Hot Spring
  • #15 – Flower Bed


  • #1 – Illuminated Arch
  • #2 – Illuminated Clock
  • #3 – Illuminated Tree
  • #4 – Illuminated Heart


  • #1 – Lighthouse
  • #2 – Tower
  • #3 – Windmill


  • #1 – Wind Turbine
  • #2 – Solar Panel
  • #3 – Garbage Can
  • #4 – Drilling Rig


  • #1 – Fountain
  • #2 – Video Screen
  • #3 – Traffic Signal
  • #4 – Stadium Light
  • #5 – Parabolic Antenna
  • #6 – Jungle Gym
  • #7 – Cube Sculpture
  • #8 – Camping Cot
  • #9 – Custom-Design Sign
  • #10 – Balloon Arch Fence
  • #11 – Face Cut-Out Standee
  • #12 – Drinking Fountain
  • #13 – Bus Stop
  • #14 – Fire Hydrant
  • #15 – Instrument Shelter
  • #16 – Archway Sculpture
  • #17 – Sandbox
  • #18 – Fire Pit
  • #19 – Stone Tablet
  • #20 – Hammock
  • #21 – Water Well
  • #22 – Chair Sculpture
  • #23 – Pile of Pipes
  • #24 – Tire Toy
  • #25 – Fence
  • #26 – Yield Sign
  • #27 – Do-Not-Enter Sign
  • #28 – Caution Sign

Best and Worst Nookling Expansions

If I had to choose what matters more between longer hours or more items sold, a larger variety of items (and GracieGrace) would make a store better, but I prefer to have longer hours than more variety. Most people prefer a larger variety, and thanks to time traveling, stores with longer hours, as well as the Early Bird and Night Owl ordinances are obsolete. Even if that’s the case, I prefer more hours than larger variety. This is a list of all the Nookling Expansions based on the best and worst:

  • #1 – T&T Mart: Very early in town history, you have a convenience store called T&T Mart. Let me tell ya. This (along with Nook ‘N’ Go) is the best store expansion in AC. The longer hours and the possibility of being open around 3:00 AM on Night Owl (I like the 3:00 AM hourly music) makes this one the best. It’s also cozy, well-designed, and has nice music. Not to mention, but the exterior looks well-designed. The light-up sign post next to the shop with six glass panels and the two strips of light on top makes this store hard to beat in competition.
  • #2 – T&T Emporium: My second favorite expansion of the Nooklings would be the department store. Thanks to GracieGrace, T&T Emporium is one of my favorite Nookling Stores. One thing I don’t like is their short hours. Even if it’s more organized, the amount of hours open is among the shortest of the expansions. On Beautiful Town or Wealthy Town (or no ordinance at all), the store is open for only twelve hours. I also hate how this is mainstream along the AC Community. Being mainstream is one thing, but the hair-bow wig, which looks stupid in my opinion, is also mainstream. Most female players prefer that over the hairstyles you can get from Harriet. Do I want to see that as mainstream?
  • #3 – T.I.Y: Based on the opening times and amount of items sold, T.I.Y. is balanced between T&T Mart and T&T Emporium. It sells more than T&T Mart and is open longer than T&T Emporium. I like their red and green color scheme and the Wal-Mart like design on the outside. Also, I can keep this store forever by not doing Gracie’s Fashion Checks at all. I like the idea of fashion checks because you can decide if you want GracieGrace or longer opening hours.
  • #4 – Nookling Junction: The first store is also one of the worst. Aside to their lack of ambience in design, they don’t have as much services. There are no carpets or wallpaper, no catalog, and no medicine. Not only that, but you can’t have a Club LOL with this store in town, but good thing that this store is easy to remodel. Just pour in 12,000 Bells in shopping and this store will expand.
  • #5 – Super T&T: Despite its nice design, Super T&T is the worst T&T Expansion in ACNL. Even in the GameCube Version and Wild World, I didn’t like Nookway (which Super T&T is based on). While it’s hard to let go of the convenience store, Super T&T is even worse by having the shortest hours (if no ordinance is turned on) of all the Nookling Stores. I find that rather strange when comparing it to the department store. In City Folk, Nookway is open longer than Nookington’s. Now it’s the other way around.

Next week will be on my last opinionated lists for ACNL. Stay tuned next Thursday to see my views on the Island Tours and holidays.