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StarFall History – Public Works Project Unlock History

Last time, I went over the animals that lived in StarFall, either that I journalized properly or that was in my post-history. I was going to go over the PWPs in my town, but I need to go over what I have unlocked for StarFall. And to go over that, I need to list what animals lived in StarFall, which I got done, so I’ll be ready for the PWP unlock history.

Each day, only one PWP was suggested, except for some days, when two are suggested. I will go over the order they were unlocked, the date they were unlocked (in-game), and the animals that suggested them. The ones in bold are major PWPs as the ones not emphasized are minor PWPs. The next part will discuss what I was looking for and other fascinating projects.

History of Unlocks

PWP Unlocks

I didn’t receive a single PWP suggestion until the first PWP was built. Kaylee took office on January 2nd, 2014. On January 3rd, she started to work on getting her permit. On the 4th, she got a 100% approval rating. And on the 5th, she finally got her permit. It wasn’t until the 10th when she worked on her very first project. If you want to know what I unlocked, here is the list:

  1. Drinking Fountain: Unlocked on 1/11, suggested by Daisy.
  2. Dream Suite: Unlocked on 1/12, suggested by Isabelle.
  3. Moai Statue: Unlocked on 1/12, suggested by Olaf.
  4. Cube Sculpture: Unlocked on 1/13, suggested by Olaf.
  5. Reset Surveillance Center: Unlocked on 1/14, suggested by Resetti.
  6. Wooden Bench: Unlocked on 1/29, suggested by Canberra.
  7. Brick Bridge: Unlocked on 1/29, suggested by Hamlet.
  8. Caution Sign: Unlocked on 1/30, suggested by Hamlet.
  9. Traffic Signal: Unlocked on 1/31, suggested by Hamlet.
  10. Yield Sign: Unlocked on 2/1, suggested by Freya.
  11. Museum Renovation: Unlocked on 2/3, suggested by Blathers.
  12. Stadium Light: Unlocked on 2/4, suggested by Hamlet.
  13. Modern Bridge: Unlocked on 2/5, suggested by Freya.
  14. Cafe: Unlocked on 2/12, suggested by Blathers.
  15. Police Station: Unlocked on 2/16, suggested by Freya.
  16. Illuminated Clock: Unlocked on 2/20, suggested by Victoria.
  17. Totem Pole: Unlocked on 2/21, suggested by Olaf.
  18. Train Station Renovation: Unlocked on 2/24, suggested by Porter.
  19. Wind Turbine: Unlocked on 2/24, suggested by Hamlet.
  20. Solar Panel: Unlocked on 2/26, suggested by Hamlet.
  21. Jungle Gym: Unlocked on 2/27, suggested by Nate.
  22. Instrument Shelter: Unlocked on 3/1, suggested by Hamlet.
  23. Stone Tablet: Unlocked on 3/2, suggested by Freya.
  24. Hot Spring: Unlocked on 3/4, suggested by Freya.
  25. Modern Clock: Unlocked on 3/5, suggested by Freya.
  26. Modern Streetlight: Unlocked on 3/6, suggested by Freya.
  27. Lighthouse: Unlocked on 3/7, suggested by Freya.
  28. Parabolic Antenna: Unlocked on 3/8, suggested by Olaf.
  29. Illuminated Arch: Unlocked on 3/9, suggested by Freya.
  30. Modern Bench: Unlocked on 3/10, suggested by Freya.
  31. Tower: Unlocked on 3/11, suggested by Freya.
  32. Illuminated Heart: Unlocked on 3/12, suggested by Victoria.
  33. Metal Bench: Unlocked on 3/13, suggested by Victoria.
  34. Round Streetlight: Unlocked on 3/14, suggested by Victoria.
  35. Illuminated Tree: Unlocked on 3/16, suggested by Victoria.
  36. Windmill: Unlocked on 3/18, suggested by Canberra.
  37. Fire PIt: Unlocked on 3/23, suggested by Hamlet.
  38. Water Pump: Unlocked on 4/3, suggested by Broccolo.
  39. Flower Clock: Unlocked on 4/24, suggested by Isabelle.
  40. Town Hall Renovation: Unlocked on 4/24, suggested by Isabelle.
  41. Circle Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  42. Square Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  43. Tulip Topiary: Unlocked on 4/25, suggested by Leif.
  44. Outdoor Chair: Unlocked on 5/29, suggested by Daisy.
  45. Tire Toy: Unlocked on 6/17, suggested by Broccolo.
  46. Fortune Teller’s Shop: Unlocked on 8/6, suggested by Katrina.

What I was looking for

Penny 02

Although I liked how I got 46 PWPs in my projectory, only 19 of them were what I was looking for. 22 of them were in use in my town, even if they weren’t originally going to be there.

Here are the 19 PWPs I was looking for that got unlocked, and they won’t be in any specific order:

  • Museum Renovation
  • Fortune Teller’s Shop
  • Dream Suite
  • Cafe
  • Police Station
  • Train Station Renovation
  • Town Hall Renovation
  • Modern Bench
  • Modern Streetlight
  • Modern Clock
  • Modern Bridge
  • Illuminated Arch
  • Illuminated Clock
  • Illuminated Heart
  • Illuminated Tree
  • Lighthouse
  • Tower
  • Windmill
  • Solar Panel

The three extra PWPs I used were the stone tablet, the wooden bench, and the flower clock. Originally, they weren’t going to be placed in StarFall, but due to some loopholes and not at the quota, I decided to add a few more PWPs. The Flower Clock was a result of not having 30 PWPs. There was a loophole that would allow animals to move south of the river, so I built a wooden bench to prevent that. The other possibility of an animal moving south of the river was also blocked, thanks to the stone tablet.

The reason why I had mostly modern themed PWPs is because I wanted StarFall to be a Modern themed town. The North Side of the river was to fit the Modern motif as the South Side of the river had all the illuminated projects. The major PWPs, the lighthouse, windmill, tower, and solar panel were also on my wanted list.

Other interesting stories

  • The Train Station Renovation project was unlocked early because I used Belcroft as my host town for StarFall.
  • I didn’t expect the topiaries to be unlocked due to how easy weeds can grow, but I got lucky and unlocked all three topiaries.
  • The traffic signal, wind turbine, cube sculpture, and parabolic antenna were all interesting to me, but they were neither in use nor were they on my wanted list.
  • I was stuck in the month of March for a while because I was busy trying to unlock all of the PWPs I wanted, but it took a while. I even helped out another AC player get her Spider Crab because I was still in March.

Next week, I will cover information on the whole PWP history.


StarFall History – Villager History

Today is the day I officially start the History of StarFall. Last summer, I was journalizing day by day. Although the official data-by-day was erased, I did put them into ledgers, based on order. Each week, I will go over a new ledger. I have posted them on Bell Tree before, but not here.

Since I was time traveling, the in-game dates do not match the real life dates. Time traveling does make me an illegitimate player, but it makes things faster. I don’t like to spend all year completing my town. Patience is a key factor, but I prefer doing things in the short run. Therefore, the dates of what I did in ACNL are for in-game time. Most of the stuff in real time were in the summer months.

Today, I will go over the order of all the animals that lived in StarFall, including both journalized and post-journalized.


Animal History

StarFall was created on June 18th, 2014, but the day it was set to begin is January 2nd, 2014. My original villagers (or starting villagers) were:

  • Freya
  • Nate
  • Hamlet
  • Daisy
  • Victoria

After publishing my dream town, I had the following villagers:

  • Lobo
  • Deena
  • Blaire
  • Puddles
  • Katt
  • Keaton
  • Roald
  • Walker
  • Aurora

After first update, these were my villagers:

  • Lobo
  • Blaire
  • Katt
  • Keaton
  • Roald
  • Walker
  • Aurora
  • Bubbles
  • Ava
  • Pierce

Now, I don’t pay much attention to my villagers. Ever since Keaton moved out, I stopped tracking who lived in my town. And I’m beginning to forget who moved in and in what order. If I could time travel back in real life, the one thing I would prevent is having Keaton (or any of my villagers move). But at least I got what I journalized before my first (and only) update). Right now, it’s on the dream town servers. To keep it up there, I would like more visits.

The First Ten

For the first two months in ACNL time, I only stuck with ten villagers. Although one of them was in boxes on the last day of February, no villager officially moved out until March. For a recall, my first five villagers were:

  • Freya
  • Nate
  • Hamlet
  • Daisy
  • Victoria

After them, I had the following move in:

  • Olaf – 1/4/2014
  • Vladimir – 1/6/2014
  • Canberra – 1/8/2014
  • Apollo – 1/10/2014
  • Cesar – 1/20/2014

Although Cesar was picked up from Belcroft, these were my first ten villagers. Alongside with the original ten were my two alternative (and favorite) villagers, Jenny and Penny. Jenny started her residence on January 5th while Penny started hers on January 7th. Neither of them moved out. The first ten animal villagers did stay completely in January and February, but they are all gone before I started publishing my dream town. Notice that the order I put them were the order I had them. I’ll go over their departure stories:

  • Nate – packed on 2/28, moved on 3/1: Nate was the first villager Kaylee ever talked to, but was also the first villager to move out of StarFall. On his last day before packing up, he suggested a PWP, the Jungle Gym. He stayed throughout the entire snow season StarFall started under.
  • Freya – packed on 3/12, moved on 3/13: Back in StarFall’s earliest days, I had most of the PWPs suggest. Of all the villagers, Freya made the most contributions, including the Lighthouse, Modern Bridge, and Police Station. I was specifically looking for the Tower, Illuminated Arch, and the PWPs under the Modern motif, and only a Snooty villager would suggest them. However, she became the second to move out.
  • Cesar – packed on 3/21, moved on 3/22: Cesar may be the last villager of the first ten to move in, but was the first one of the first ten that isn’t one of my starting villagers to move out. I needed him out of my town. I was going to build a bridge in this one area, but since he was in the way, I had no choice but to kick him out. It was hard since he was the most recent villager to move in. After the departures of Nate and Freya (and Broccolo’s move-in), Cesar was ready to go. He did not warn me that he was moving, so I was as lucky as a gambler who won the jackpot after the bet that made him bankrupt.
  • Apollo – packed on 3/29, moved on 3/30: Apollo was the first villager to be of a duplicate personality. Amazingly, none of my starting villagers were Cranky villagers, but the personality that shown up the most in the first ten were Cranky villagers. I planned on having a campsite area in the northern part of the river, and Freya and Apollo were cranky villagers. When they were gone, I finally had enough room for the extended Campsite area.
  • Canberra – packed on 4/24, moved on 4/25: Canberra was the first Uchi villager in StarFall, but also the first Uchi villager to move into Belcroft. So for two towns in a row, she was my first Uchi villager. It turns out that I didn’t need her as much. She did what she could do. She suggested the Wooden Bench and Windmill, which were vital to StarFall. Canberra was also the last villager to move before T&T Mart expanded (and before the ordinance switch to Beautiful Town).
  • Vladimir – packed on 5/27, moved on 5/28: Vladimir did a good job on staying in StarFall until T.I.Y. opened its doors in StarFall. He actually stayed through all four Nookling renovations I had in StarFall (and no, I chose not to have the Emporium).
  • Victoria – packed on 6/6, moved on 6/7: After all of the secondary villagers of the first ten (besides Olaf) moved out, more of the starting villagers continued to move out. Victoria was my least favorite of the starting villagers for asking useless questions when I was using the diving trick (this is a prime example of the complaint over the farming for PWPs). She did at least suggest the illuminated projects I needed before her move.
  • Hamlet – packed on 6/14, moved on 6/15: Yep, one of the villagers on the front cover of ACNL was also one of my starting villagers. Despite making contributions to the PWP list, I did not use any PWPs he suggested. After his move, my town was still a bit yellow thanks to Isabelle. An amazing fact was that Hamlet was the first villager to move out after Lobo, the oldest villager to be in my dream town, moved in.
  • Olaf – packed on 7/9, moved on 7/10: Aside to the starting villagers, Olaf was the first villager to move into StarFall (even before Jenny and Penny). Since he stayed for the first six months, first of the secondary villagers to move in and the last of the secondary villagers to move out, he held StarFall’s history very well. If any animal carried the sphere of beginnings and chained it onto the next villager, Lobo would be the carrier of the sphere Olaf had.
  • Daisy – packed on 10/2, moved on 10/3: Of the starting five villagers, Daisy was the last one to move out. Not only she was the last remaining villager from the first ten, but also the last remaining villager of the first five. As soon as she moved away, Kaylee, Jenny, and Penny were the only ones left to have lived in StarFall for the first two months.

Subsequent Villagers

After Nate and Freya left, I started to pick up the next generation of villagers. The first one to move in was Broccolo, which I voided (and plot resetted) from someone online person’s town. Then I had Elise. Here is the full guide of what I had before I published my dream town:

  • #11 – Broccolo – moved in on 3/16, moved out on 10/13: Just like Daisy and Olaf, Broccolo stayed for a pretty long time while being the first one of his/her kind to move in.
  • #12 – Elise – moved in on 3/24, moved out on 8/1
  • #13 – Teddy – moved in on 4/4, moved out on 5/11: Teddy was the first subsequent villager to move out.
  • #14 – Kitt – moved in on 4/27, moved out on 6/27
  • #15 – Muffy – moved in on 5/16, moved out on 8/25
  • #16 – Annabelle – moved in on 6/1, moved out on 7/25
  • #17 – Lobo – moved in on 6/11: Lobo was the first of the villagers that lived in my dream town to move in. On the StarFall Press, there is a picture in the description. I had nine villagers there. Lobo was one of them.
  • #18 – Bluebear – moved in on 6/18, moved out on 8/18
  • #19 – Rory – moved in on 7/1, moved out on 7/19
  • #20 – Hamphrey – moved in on 7/14, moved out on 10/15
  • #21 – Ken – moved in on 7/22, moved out on 9/24
  • #22 – Boone – moved in on 7/29, moved out on 9/17
  • #23 – Deena – moved in on 8/6*
  • #24 – Blaire – moved in on 8/22
  • #25 – Puddles – moved in on 8/27*
  • #26 – Katt – moved in on 9/19
  • #27 – Jay – moved in on 9/26, moved out on 11/4: Jay was the last subsequent villager to move out before I published my dream town.
  • #28 – Keaton – moved in on 10/5: In case if you’re wondering, Keaton was the first villager to move out after my most recent update on my dream town.
  • #29 – Roald – moved in on 10/10
  • #30 – Walker – moved in on 10/17
  • #31 – Aurora – moved in on 11/1

And that concludes the list of who lived in my town before I published my dream town. It started to get messy after I picked up a voided Prince (which was the worst case of picking up voided villagers). Since he moved in and wrecked my campsite area, this messed up my villager tracking. I was forced to get rid of some villagers I already had before. The one with asterisks were actually in my first dream town, but not after the first update. Puddles moved first. After her, it was Deena. I was able to get rid of Prince after Puddles and Deena moved out. Here is the order (without the moving dates since it scrambled my timeline):

  • #32 – Prince
  • #33 – Bubbles
  • #34 – Ava
  • #35 – Pierce

Post History tracking

I will go over more of my StarFall post-history very late, but from what I can remember, I had some of my villagers moving out. Here is the order of which animals moved out (as from my first dream town update to today):

  • Keaton
  • Bubbles
  • Blaire
  • Aurora
  • Roald
  • Walker
  • Lobo
  • Pierce

And here are the villagers I remembered having after my update (some are not in my town anymore):

  • #36 – Marshal
  • #37 – Agent S
  • #38 – Astrid
  • #39 – Lily
  • #40 – Pietro
  • #41 – Gloria
  • #42 – Diva
  • #43 – Vesta
  • #44 – Alfonso
  • #45 – Annalise

Full Tracking

Finally, I will go over the full list of animals that ever lived in StarFall. The ones with dates were the ones I had before I published my dream town. The ones without dates were the poorly tracked ones.

  1. Freya – 1/2 to 3/12
  2. Nate – 1/2 to 3/1
  3. Hamlet – 1/2 to 6/15
  4. Daisy – 1/2 to 10/3
  5. Victoria – 1/2 to 6/7
  6. Olaf – 1/4 to 7/10
  7. Vladimir – 1/6 to 5/28
  8. Canberra – 1/8 to 4/25
  9. Apollo – 1/10 to 3/30
  10. Cesar – 1/20 to 3/22
  11. Broccolo – 3/16 to 10/13
  12. Elise – 3/24 to 8/1
  13. Teddy – 4/4 to 5/11
  14. Kitt – 4/27 to 6/27
  15. Muffy – 5/16 to 8/25
  16. Annabelle – 6/1 to 7/25
  17. Lobo – 6/11
  18. Bluebear – 6/18 to 8/18
  19. Rory – 7/1 to 7/19
  20. Hamphrey – 7/14 to 10/15
  21. Ken – 7/22 to 9/24
  22. Boone – 7/29 to 9/17
  23. Deena – 8/6 to publication
  24. Blaire – 8/22
  25. Puddles – 827 to publication
  26. Katt – 9/19
  27. Jay – 9/26 to 11/4
  28. Keaton – 10/5
  29. Roald – 10/10
  30. Walker – 10/17
  31. Aurora – 11/1
  32. Prince
  33. Bubbles
  34. Ava
  35. Pierce
  36. Marshal
  37. Agent S
  38. Astrid
  39. Lily
  40. Pietro
  41. Gloria
  42. Diva
  43. Vesta
  44. Alfonso
  45. Annalise

Next week, I will cover the Public Works Projects I have unlocked and journalized. I was going to cover it this week, but I need to introduce what animals lived in StarFall.