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Introducing myself

Hello everyone! I am Mica, a 22-year old boy from a small town in Texas. For the next 25 weeks, I will be writing entries mostly based on my town in the 3DS video game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Town of StarFall is an Animal Crossing site. What this site is mostly about is the history of my town of StarFall, game ideas for Animal Crossing’s next game, and my personal experiences with Animal Crossing. I may occasionally talk about other things.

Every week, I will be talking about five things. On Mondays, I will be going over some personal life experiences and a few fun facts. I may do this interchangeably, like every two weeks. On Tuesdays, I will be going over the history of my town of StarFall. I may cover records, such as the history of the public works projects and my museum donations. On Wednesdays, I will share game ideas that I have. While Animal Crossing discussions have game idea threads, I am more precise and I blog about them instead. On Thursdays, I will talk more about my personal experiences with Animal Crossing in general. Finally, on Fridays, I may come up with a logic problem or an idea out of creativity.

Now for some personal life info. I am not just an Animal Crossing player, but I’m also some other person. I am currently attending college for a business major. My dream job is to run a restaurant. My overall personality is mixed. While I can be sweet at times and generous, I can be angered easily. I’m half mature and can be helpful, while being half childish and may have times of trouble. I am also a writer of two FAQs on GameFAQs. I written a Public Works Project Guide and a Money Making Guide for the ACNL FAQs on GameFAQs. I am born in Southern California, living in East Texas. In my political life, I am very right-winged on many issues. Some issues I am ambivalent on, but other issues I am solidly for the ground. But there even some issues I agree with the left wing on, like I’m against smoking in restaurants, I prefer solar and wind energy over the fossil fuel pollutants, and for increased job capacity. There are political issues I take neither side on too.

For the past six months, I was a member of Animal Crossing’s largest fansite, the Bell Tree Forums. My username there is Apple2012. The site has a forum currency system, tons of collectibles for the sidebar, trading boards, AC discussions, and even a few off-topic discussions like Pokémon and current news. While it’s a fun site with all these features, it’s also wild sometimes, and there are times when the site has serious issues. While I was there, I blogged a lot. I currently have 147 entries. I enjoyed blogging there, but the blog restrictions are tight, and don’t get too much attention. Therefore, I needed to go to a serious blogging site. I had two choices between Tumblr and WordPress. I would get a lot of attention on Tumblr, but WordPress is less confusing. So I went with WordPress as my choice of site.

One last thing: I may be a boy, but it doesn’t mean my characters in game are. In fact, all of my playable characters are female. One of them is based after me, but only as a girl with different personality traits than I do. The other two are blonde girls that are friends with my mayor (the former character in this situation). Even if they love boys over girls, they get along with each other very well, not caring if they are girls. According to their backstory, all three of them are 21, and they’re all born in the fall. More will be covered about them.

Anyway, I’m done with the introduction. I’ll be glad to talk more about my town.