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The Hunt for the Golden Ocarina

I am sorry that I haven’t written an entry in a week. Last Friday, I was originally going to post a video I made at home, but my site doesn’t support video files (unless if I get premium plan, but I don’t want to spend more money). Not only that, but I didn’t think of anything else. Now, I have something to say on my Creativity Blog. And tomorrow will begin another two-day break. But don’t worry, I am back.

Recently, I was writing a story I would like to get published someday. Inspired by National Treasure and the Sly Cooper Series, I wanted to make a story that is based on that. However, there is no enemy hunter team or stealing of important US artifacts. And it won’t be completely like Sly Cooper either. Right now, I am writing the second part of the story. There are 8 parts, with an average of 4 to 5 chapters per part, except for the first two, which have 7 chapters each.

The plot of the story is that there are four boys that wanted a valuable Pueblo treasure called the Golden Ocarina, which has a value of $10 million. Their goal is to get it before 2015 and before somebody else could while interacting with the supernatural as much as they could in order to turn the Pueblo city into a tourist attraction. Stuff they needed were archeological and combat tools, magical devices for survival, and the help from a team of inventors.

In case if you’re wondering, here are the eight parts of the story and their summaries:

  1. Fundraiser Week – the first step to getting the Golden Ocarina is looking for a team of inventors. The only team of inventors they know in their home town refuses to help unless if they merge with them. The only way they could file a merger is if the boys join their school’s program called Fundraiser Week. As a result, the boys were forced to join in order to win the inventors on their team.
  2. The Case of the Missing Blondestone – the inventors finally joined, but a lot of work is needed to be done. One of the members of the team of inventors that joined the boys owned a magical device that gives blondes superpowers. It is necessary to finding the temple of the Golden Ocarina, but the owner got robbed. Worse yet, so is the blondestone. As a result, the boys and girls went on a CSI like adventure to learn the culprit behind the robbery. This is the only part that resembles a mystery novel.
  3. The Golden Bird – the blondestone has been retrieved, and the guilty party was apprehended. The entire team went to the next step: building a form of transportation. They needed a car that can fly, fit all eight members, and land properly. This was needed to find both the Golden Ocarina and the four treasures needed to survive the temple. They had to gather the parts needed to make the invention before they start building.
  4. Sapphire of Shining – after retrieving the blondestone and building the Golden Bird, the team of eight begin hunting for the four treasures of vitality. The first of the four treasures is the Sapphire of Shining, the gem that has a power to illuminate an entire area. It’s more effective than a torch and a flashlight, and no other resources are needed. The treasure is hidden in the upper Rockies of Colorado.
  5. Emerald of Entering – the next of the four treasures needed is the Emerald of Entering. It is powerful enough to open doors without using any physical tools for prying open doors. The treasure is hidden in the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona.
  6. Ruby of Riddles – the third of the four treasures is the Ruby of Riddles. The purpose is to translate texts or figure out more clues to finding the Golden Ocarina. The treasure is hidden around the beaches of Florida.
  7. Peridot of Peace – the last treasure needed before finding the Golden Ocarina is the Peridot of Peace. The special power it grants is to wipe out evil supernatural forces that may haunt the teens find the Golden Ocarina. The treasure is hidden in the swamps of Louisiana.
  8. The Hunt for the Golden Ocarina – after collecting the four treasures, they were finally ready to do what they want most, finding the Golden Ocarina. They used their tools and treasures to navigate the temple, fight evil spirits, and locate the Golden Ocarina. All the research and conversations have been proven to be worth it because of the dangers of the temple.

In my story, I would hide a few Animal Crossing references, as well as references to my experiences on Bell Tree. A major example is the raffle. The conflict between the main character’s uncle and the host of the Halloween Raffle is the same as the conflict between me and the host of the giveaway last October. I even had similar plot elements when someone cheated in the raffle, the time setting, and the host’s reaction to the blogging.

Remember when I say to not steal my ideas. This is definitely a no-no when it comes to stealing. I am still writing this book. I’m just leaking some parts and details. You’ll never see the full story. Whatever I based it after isn’t meant to steal from them. There are other major premises that I have no interest into embedding in my story.