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Nintendo 3DS – my overall experience

As I am done talking about my life on Bell Tree or other TBT related stuff, I’m going to move onto other personal stuff. We’re still in the Animal Crossing sphere, but today’s entry isn’t solely about ACNL, but it is about something related – the system it was made for. I’m talking about the Nintendo 3DS.

Although ACNL came out in 2013, the 3DS was set for 2011. The year it was released was also the year I got my first 3DS system. In fact, I got it on the day it was released. My mom pre-ordered two of them, one for me, and one for my brother. Even if my first town in ACNL was on a newer 3DS system, I had one prior to my second 3DS, which means that I knew what having a 3DS system was like back in the earliest days of 3DS history. I even got to see some of the processes and updates the Nintendo 3DS had, before the release of the best Animal Crossing game (and even Pokémon Black & White and Mario Kart 7). I didn’t know about when Club Nintendo, Nintendo Zone, and Swapnote were added since I missed those events, but I did know what the 3DS was like before eShop was even introduced. If you never had a 3DS before 2012 or 2013 (or even 2014), I can tell you what it was like back in the beginning.

My brother and I got our 3DSs on the day of the North American launch – March 27th, 2011. Back then, I was very close to my high school graduation. My first 3DS was black, and it costed $250 to order. Yes, it’s true that systems are at the highest price when they are first released, while being the least developed with a very few games. Throughout the whole time I had my first 3DS, it was pointless to own one. There weren’t very many games back then, no Pokémon or Animal Crossing, no special features. In fact, they didn’t even have eShop. If you didn’t own any video games (or good video games) for the 3DS, all you could do is play the Streetpass games, the Augmented Reality games (or AR games), or the pre-installed game Face Raiders (yes, they had that back then). There was no eShop, Nintendo Zone, theme shop and 3DS themes, MiiVerse, Nintendo Video, or Swapnote. There wasn’t even Spotpass. Streetpass games had very few (like one panel for Puzzle Swap and one game of Find Mii with level 7 being the maximum level for others’ Miis. I had fun back at the time, but you would not like that. Even I didn’t have as much fun as I did now.

If I can remember clearly, the only apps I had in the beginning were the 3DS game, 3DS camera, 3DS sound, Mii Maker, Streetpass plaza, AR Games, Face Raiders, Activity Log, Health and Safety Information, Download Play, and System Settings. They also had this White Knuckles music video, which was removed after the introduction to the eShop. One cool feature they had even from the start was the pedometer, where every 100 steps you take, it gives you 3DS coins (you know, the currency you spend to get the fortune cookies at the Nooklings Stores). Back then, the only things you could spend on were heroes for Find Mii, puzzle pieces for Puzzle Swap, and extensions to the AR Games. Because of this, I walked with my 3DS everyday to get up to 1,000 steps daily. My first 3DS, I had several steps taken. If I can remember correctly, I passed 200,000 before the introduction to the eShop. My third 3DS, I rarely used the Pedometer, and didn’t even get to 100 steps since I bought it. Later on in this story, I can explain why I didn’t do it as much.

Back then, my favorite game was the StreetPass Plaza. I tried to get puzzle pieces everyday to complete the panel, mostly by spending 3DS coins. I also did this to hire heroes to play Find Mii. I also liked the AR Games. Those were actually fun. They had target practice, golfing, and fishing (which is a lot like Animal Crossing’s, but had weird stuff like trash, UFOs, and Koopas). In the first wave, there were dragons to defeat in every game (even the fishing one). If you don’t know how AR games work, you should do some research on them. I didn’t really like Face Raiders. Since they had limited games I could play once a day, I spend time on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 on the PC (I also did some kind of Math PowerPoint that was over 2,000 slides).

The 3DS started to pick up more interest after the introduction to the Nintendo eShop. One thing that changed was the removal of the White Knuckles video. When the eShop was introduced, the game of Excitebike was free, but only for a month. I got it while it was free as I waited to get a 3DS gift card. The first three apps I bought from the eShop were Puzzle League Express, Tetris, and Spot the Difference. My favorite of the three was Puzzle League Express. Even the Streetpass games were no longer fun.

Unfortunately, my first 3DS didn’t last long. At that time, Texas was in a drought (mainly due to the La Niña climate we had, 2014-2015 was El Niño). On the first rainy day in a long time, lightning struck our house, and on a chimney. This caused our house to catch on fire, and before it took oxygen, all I brought out were my phone, laptop, mouse, laptop stand, backpack, and chargers to both phone and laptop. My 3DS was possibly destroyed due to the smoke and water, so I got a second one in June 2012. I repeated the Puzzle League, Streetpass games, and AR games when I got it again. I also saw the additions that I missed (Nintendo Zone, Club Nintendo, Swapnote).

One year after I got a new 3DS, I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After buying it, I didn’t need to play Streetpass games or the AR games. I was happy with ACNL more than the others, and later became my most played AC game. If you want to know about my experience on ACNL on my second 3DS, please refer to the History of Westport and History of Belcroft entries. But after playing it for so long, it stopped working right. It was dirty, it won’t connect to the internet properly, the R Button didn’t work right, and the analog stick had no friction on my character.

Because I wanted to start a new town (and since my old 3DS is no longer useful), I bought a third 3DS, which was my first, and only, 3DS XL. I bought it only for one purpose, to create a town in Animal Crossing that I would enjoy the most, StarFall. Because I focused on my town, I never played what I enjoyed playing in the pre-eShop era. I also had the most Wi-Fi activity on this 3DS than any other 3DS. I stopped using my second 3DS as well when I had StarFall.

Even if I used my third 3DS for StarFall, I still went to the eShop. I also experienced more processes, like the introduction of 3DS themes and the theme shop. I bought a few 3DS themes too.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I probably might go over a broader subject in the next personal life entry. My lesson here is to not buy a video game system at launch. But at least I got to see the processes as the 3DS was upgrading.


History of StarFall – Background

Today is the day that I shall start blogging more about my town’s history. As a member of the Bell Tree Forums, I have written 19 entries on my current town, StarFall. Even if only 20% of the entries I write is about my town and its history, this whole site is based after that. Many entries will contain stats, records, and many other things I witnessed as I made my town.


Although I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the dawn of its release in the United States, the idea of StarFall dates all the way back to seven months after the release (January 2014). At that point, I was already on my second town, and I felt that it’s time for me to get a new town. But I had objections to it until very late in May. In February of 2014, I went to a public casino for my 21st birthday. I gamble only for fun, not to make money, but I want to win. Even if gambling has nothing to do with all of this, I would’ve never had the town of StarFall until late if I never gambled. Why? Cause in May, I won big at the casino (not like $1,000 huge, but still in the triple digits). Since I never really owned that much money before, I was able to spend it on electronic devices. I was really lucky that trip.

Part of the money I won at the casino was spent on a WiiU bundle. There’s currently only one WiiU in my house, and it sits in my room. I wanted to share, but since I bought it, it was to be placed in my room. And the other part went to a new 3DS system. I was thinking about starting a new town late in May. My siblings objection to me getting a new 3DS just to start a new town because I can swap SD cards, but starting a new town is something that I needed to do. My old 3DS system was dying, the town I had there was not dream town worthy, and I wanted to start a new town. Just letting you know, I didn’t gamble just to get money for a new 3DS. I was going to use the money for anything, but my decision on the remainder from what I won was to get a new 3DS. That time, it was a 3DS XL.

Before I bought a new 3DS XL, I was already planning on what to have in the town of StarFall. I wanted it to be a modern themed town with a few structures of light. I also had to do more research on how to make a better dream town. The reason why I needed to start a new town is because I saw some really nice dream towns, and it inspired me to start mine over.

On June 12th, 2014, I bought my new 3DS XL system. It was a plain blue one with black being part of the frame. On the 13th, I set up my 3DS system to be ready. And finally, on the 18th, I created the town of StarFall. Last summer, I spent most of the time working on building my town. At the same time, I journalized every activity that has some point of interest. What inspired me to journalize what happens in-game is the Town Tree (also known as the Plaza). When you sit down, you can see a history of your town, but it only lists events of current villagers and major landmarks. So I created StarFall not only to have a nice town, but to also write a journal based after. I track what villagers lived in my town, what PWPs I unlock, what fish and insects I caught in some order, and what badges I earn in some order, all with a given date. Despite doing all of this in June, July, and August, the dates don’t really match since I time travel excessively. I even started my town on January 2nd in-game and only time traveled forwards to make sure the town’s history doesn’t get scrambled.

On August 24th, 2014, I published my Dream Town, but it still needed updating. And by November 16th or some date, I updated my Dream Town. I haven’t made any updates since then. When I joined Bell Tree Forums, I written blog entries that contained my records I had on my town. Here, I’ll go more in depth on my journal.

After second update, I haven’t made anymore journal updates, and in 2015, my town was being landscaped even further. Some of the projects I worked on and journalized about are no longer there, and my town doesn’t match my Dream Town, especially due to my laziness in plot resetting. After all, I at least published a very nice dream town.

Stay tuned for every Tuesday as I share records on my town.