New site coming soon

Sorry that I wasn’t blogging in a long time. This past summer was a really busy summer for me. I may not be sharing anymore information on my town or my experience with Animal Crossing on this site since I was losing interest, but I would share my game ideas, but only on the new site.

You may have noticed that a new Animal Crossing game is coming soon, right? Yes, the reason why I will be starting a new WordPress site is because of the new game. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The first thing I’m going to do is that I’ll be playing, while taking track of what I do everyday. When I get enough experience, I’ll be sharing what I did, and my opinions on the game, in a more organized way. Of course, I’ll also share a game idea every Friday. Some were already posted on this site, but others were not shared yet. I would alternate between opinion days and journal days. I may start it next year, but just letting you know, I’m pretty much done blogging on this site.

About some information on commenting, I love getting comments on my blogs. It shows that not only they’re reading what I write, but I can also see what they think. However, if you’re going to write some comments, here are some rules:

  1. Please be respectful. Do not attack me or other commentors. I work very hard on writing these blogs, and I can’t accept criticism when they are being filled with hate. If my opinions don’t agree with yours, or if you didn’t like my blog, do not leave a comment. If you do, please be respectful. Don’t be attacking me, don’t use insults towards me in your comment names, and don’t tell me to stop blogging completely. I have every right to post, and I can say what I want. Of course, I would generally avoid blogging about controversial subjects, as I would never put swears or inappropriat content (even PG13-rated content) in my blogs. Even if I do go against my will (which I won’t), please don’t be rude to me.
  2. Stay on-topic. Let’s say that I write a blog about my experience with the new features in ACHHD. If it has nothing to do with the new features, don’t post it. If it’s related, you can post. It may be unreasonable to have this rule explicitly stated, but I’ll still have it.
  3. No bad words. Don’t be cussing, using hate speech, or other things too disturbing for younger audiences. Some mechanics in video games may be frustrating, but there’s no need to cuss about it. This includes links in comments.
  4. Don’t spam. This doesn’t mean reblogging since I would allow that, but no gibberish comments or one-word replies.
  5. Don’t be talking about my personal activity from other sites. I’m innocent, and I don’t like being mean or rude. Sometimes I do get rude, but I don’t enjoy that.

I may have a rule page when I make the new site and keep it more organized, but these are some basic rules.

If you want to know why I want people to stay respectful, I can explain in my comments. However, I won’t be discussing this unless if someone asks. I’m not a bad guy, so I don’t get why I should expect hate comments. I got hate comments due to the lack of rules, so I’m going hard on commenting on the next site. I enjoyed blogging here. When I start a new site, I’ll give the announcement there.


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