Best and Worst of Island Tours and Holidays

Sorry if I haven’t made a Thursday blog in two weeks. I was worn out because of school and such, but I will be back to writing big on Town of StarFall. I’ll improve my performance next Monday.

Today’s entry is the last of the four opinionated lists of ACNL (villagers, items, PWPs, and tours and holidays). I will go over more explanation on my three favorite island tours, three worst island tours, three favorite holidays, and three worst holidays.

Island Tours

The Island Tours is a combination of the NES games from the GameCube Version and the Island feature of the same game, but only put into a portable system exclusive AC game. These are fun, but I don’t use them in StarFall. Some of these tours are cool, but others are not.


  1. Gardening Tours – my favorite of the Island Tours is the Gardening Tours (all three of them). The purpose of this is to pick the flowers Tortimer is specifically looking for and planting them in the planter box. Easy tour, you can pick anything. Medium tour, they have to be either of the same breed or of the same color. Hard tour, they have to be one specific flower (both breed and color). Even on the hard tours, I had an easy time getting the gold medals.
  2. Scavenger Hunt – the second best Island Tours are the second easiest. However, I don’t see a difference in difficulty at all. Since I am good at furniture names, I can get the gold medals on all three difficulties with no sweat.
  3. Ore Hunting – my third favorite of the Island Torus is the mineral finding tour. What you do here is that you break rocks to collect ore to earn points as there are four pieces of ore of the same kind that are worth more. In the harder difficulties, I tend to find the special ore and the secret ore that is worth even more points before getting the other ore.


  1. Labyrinth Tours – Of all of the Island Tours, I did not enjoy this one as much at all. It’s not easy to find all of the fruits with a limited time. Not only that, but the challenge seems poorly constructed to me.
  2. Hide-and-Seek – It may be a fun game in town, but this tour is not that good. It’s not easy to find the four hidden villagers with pitfalls everywhere. Besides, I never liked Hide-and-Seek anyway.
  3. Balloon Hunting – I never really liked balloon hunting to begin with, as this remains to be one of my bottom priorities. Making it an Island Tour kinda pushed it down sever spots.

Most of all, the majority of the Island Tours are fish hunting, bug hunting, or seafood hunting. I haven’t tried all of the Island Tours, but there are already some that I like and that I don’t like.


After playing Wild World for a while, the holidays are something I don’t care much about, but in New Leaf, they are much better. Obviously, La-Di Day and Yay Day are the worst to ever come out of the AC series, but this section is for New Leaf. Most of them simply involve picking up gifts from Isabelle and enjoying the stands, but I’m going to rank which holidays don’t count as that.


  1. Halloween – at it’s my favorite holiday in real life when it comes to decorating, it’s no different in ACNL either. The fun part is that you can give regular villagers candy while Jack gets the lollipops. You can scare other villagers for lollipops too. Unfortunately, you can only get four lollipops a day, but you can time travel to pick up more.
  2. Thanksgiving – also known as Harvest Festival in ACNL, I like how we have to hunt for the right fish to gather the ingredients that you can’t get outside the Harvest Festival. The winning prizes are pretty limited, but it’s still better than how to play in the GameCube Version.
  3. Fireworks Festival – occurring at four or five times a year, the Fireworks Festival made it to the top three. The reason being is that Redd has amazing prizes you can win such as the Ultra Machine or the Ten Billion Barrel. You can also decorate the fireworks.


  1. Easter – or Bunny Day in ACNL. Seriously, Easter is much better in real life than in Animal Crossing, even the egg-hunting part. What I hated about Bunny Day is that the grand prize tickets are too common (more common than the winning tickets). The grand prize is not so grand at all. It’s Zipper’s Pic, which is the most worthless prize you can get that day. The Egg Basket is the real grand prize. What’s even worse is that Zipper’s Pic sells for only 10 Bells. The others sell for thousands.
  2. Festivale – as the Pave Series ranks towards the bottom of my furniture preferences, the holiday you can obtain these items from is also not that good. To be fair, I never tried it, but the idea behind it isn’t good either.
  3. Christmas – also known as Toy Day, I find no fun delivering the presents to the animals on this day. There isn’t much more to say, but this is another holiday that’s better off as a real holiday than in ACNL.

And that concludes the opinionated lists for ACNL. Next week, I should go over my QR codes.


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