Ranking the Furniture Collections

Last week, I went over what animals I liked best and what I liked worse. Today, it’s going to be about items, what I like best, and what I like the least. These rankings do not include DLC, donatable artifacts, stationary, music, or tools. They also don’t include clothes and loose furniture. I may claim to be an Animal Crossing expert, but I don’t care too much about clothing collection. I just like what I put on my characters and that’s it. Interior Designing is what I am skilled in as part of ACNL. So I’m only going to do furniture series, themes, and sets.

Happy Home Preferences

I will begin my lists with the HHA Themes and Fashion Styles. Again, since I don’t have much knowledge, I don’t care too much about the fashion styles in AC. As for the HHA themes, I see some major flaws. The HHA themes are just junk thrown in, mixing in incomplete furniture themes. I also don’t like how most items have more than one HHA theme as part of it. I think next game, the HHA themes needed to be fixed. Here are the solutions to the HHA theme problem I have for the next game (and I may put that in my Idea Book later):

  • Eliminate fashion styles in every item except for clothes and remove all clothes from the HHA themes.
  • All furniture pieces should be part of only one HHA theme (or no HHA theme at all).
  • Antique theme must include only the ancient or historical items (minus the Japanese items).
  • Fairy-Tale theme must include only the fantasy items (like the Princess Series or Ice Series). Holiday items (like the Snowman Series) should not be in this theme.
  • Harmonious theme must be related to East Asian items (like the Exotic Series and Spa Theme) only.
  • Quirky theme must be renamed to Modern, as items have to relate to modern/contemporary life in the city.
  • Rustic theme must be related to the countryside, the US Southwest, and the house plants, but not all three at once.
  • Sci-Fi theme must be related to machines, the digital themes, and the futuristic themes. What does the Hospital Set or Classroom Set have to do with science fiction?
  • Toy Shop theme must be holiday items or items related to toys (like the Card Theme).
  • Trendy theme must be renamed to Luxurious and relate to anything luxurious.

If the HHA themes can be cleaned up more, I would have a better ranking of these lists.

Furniture Series, Themes, and Sets

Because I have a lot of knowledge over the furniture in ACNL, I’ll be naming all of the furniture series, themes, and sets, while I give descriptions for the furniture series, but not the themes or sets. While I go from best to worst, I’m gonna start out with the worst, then go to the best.

  • #37 – Lovely Series: There are a lot of pretty good furniture series, but there are bad ones as well. And the big loser of the entire Furniture Series list is the Lovely Series. Even as a child, this was my least favorite theme. It’s pink, too girly, and hearts aren’t that manly. I am not overly fond of what’s girly either. There are some girly things I like, but most of them, I will say no. This is also my mayor’s least favorite furniture series. Even if her favorite color is pink as this furniture series matches her personality (since she loves boys), this collection does not fit her interests at all. This furniture series is even unpopular according to the AC communities, and I’m not alone. But on the flipside, I do not support having this furniture series being removed from the next game. Not only there are some who would still like it (as this was also one of the traditional furniture series), but I hate seeing items being dropped from the next game. I remembered when the Jingle Series and two other furniture series were removed due to political correctness. Since I don’t like seeing them getting removed in Wild World, I don’t want any furniture series or theme removed in any game, even crappy ones like the Lovely Series and Nursery Theme.
  • #36 – Kiddie Series: Of all the themes I hate, the girly themes are not alone. Babyish themes like the Kiddie Series will have to go next. Even if the items are colorful, building blocks are for kids under the age of 6. This furniture series would be perfect if you want a house to fit the baby-ish theme or if you want to complete the Toy Shop HHA theme, but I’m not for either one. Do you want to buy me a toy? If yes, the ones I recommend the least are girl toys, baby toys, and inappropriate toys. I’m more of a Lego person or for the Sci-Fi and Medieval themes, but I’m 22, so I don’t need anymore toys. Party items (like the plasma ball and lava lamp) really fit my interest.
  • #35 – Polka-Dot Series: The Polka-Dot Series is one of my least favorite themes in Animal Crossing, and is my least favorite introduced to ACNL. Most of the GameCube Version introduced items are in the top half of my list as the New Leaf introduced items are leaning towards the bottom. The pieces on this theme are fine, but it’s the pattern I do not like. Stripes, curves, zig-zag, squiggly, polka-dots, checkers, grid (which includes plaid), and plain are the only patterns I know, and of those patterns I named, the polka-dots are the worst. After all, it’s the polka-dots I don’t like, not the theme. But the polka-dots are bad enough to sink this theme very low, but not at the rock bottom. There is a layer of dirt over the rock bottom, and then a layer of sand. If this was under the sea, this theme would be right on top of the sand, and will not float above it.
  • #34 – Sloppy Series: Now we are onto the special furniture series on this list. The Sloppy Series would have to be my least favorite “special” furniture series, which includes anything unorderable or anything sold at only one specific time of the year. I do not like this furniture series because the premise of it is to look messy. As a neat freak, I do not like having a messy room. Not only that it’s one of the worst furniture series in my opinion, but it’s also the hardest to get in ACNL. I do have the entire series cataloged since I have all 1,214 furniture pieces, 123 wallpapers, and 117 carpets in the catalog. If you were competing for a high HHA score, the good news is that this is the only time you can be messy while not receiving any penalty from the HHA.
  • #33 – Pave Series: This holiday series is very simple looking. When I first got ACCF and read the guidebook, this furniture series did not appeal to me at all since it looked simple rather than fancy. I do like some simple themes, but when we’re getting more, this one lacks creativity. Having a yellow furniture series and red furniture series would even be better than having this, but that’s already because there’s a green and a blue furniture series.
  • #32 – Minimalist Series: The hardships of this furniture series do not have enough potent to put this in the bottom five. Oh wait, it does, but there are five others that were bad enough to go there, so this series will never be in the bottom five. But it is already in the bottom ten, and the highest it can go is #7 worst (which is the same as #31 best on this list). Like my complaint about the Pave Series, the Minimalist Series is too simple, and the items look too small too. The color is even too bright for my eyes. I may prefer light alignment over dark alignment in the elements, but the darker colors look better so I can throw in brighter colors to add the “lights” in the picture. Even making this series a darker color won’t save it from being out of the bottom ten.
  • #31 – Gracie Series: This has to be my least favorite GracieGrace series in Animal Crossing. The GracieGrace themes overall are pretty trashy, even if they look luxurious. There are only two themes I like, and they are at the other extreme (the good side). The Gracie Series is not only the most expensive, but also the worst looking. They are simple with a few items. Why put a simple series as part of a luxury item family and overprice it? I can respect your opinion if you like this series, but I do not like this series.
  • #30 – Modern Wood Series: I like the Modern Series, but not the Modern Wood Series. It looks like the tints and shades were crammed all over the pieces. My favorite pattern has to be plain, and this isn’t plain enough. There’s not much else I can say, but there’s no room in my town for this theme.
  • #29 – Mermaid Series: After re-introducing the island in ACNL, they moved the Cabana Series to being one of the island themes as they introduced another series, the Mermaid Series. Let me tell you something. This series isn’t part of my world. It’s pretty girly, and part of the Fairy-Tale HHA theme (which has my least favorite motif of all the HHA themes). I do like the themes from under the sea and above, but this furniture series will never fit my interests. As a result, I rank this furniture series fathoms below.
  • #28 – Princess Series: This is another girly theme from ACNL, and it’s a GracieGrace series too. It’s kinda interesting that two of the GracieGrace series makes it in the bottom ten. It may not be as expensive as the Gorgeous Series, but it isn’t as good looking as the Sweets Series. If Kaylee were a princess, she would be a future city princess. This series looks more 1800’s than medieval too (that’s probably because five of the Disney Princess movies, including Frozen, took place in the 1700’s to 1800’s). Also, if I were for the medieval theme, it would be more Christian and less fantasy. This series is more fantasy.
  • #27 – Balloon Series: Out of the bottom ten at last, but this furniture series doesn’t float to the top. We’re still in the bottom half of this list. I love balloons. I have streetpassed all 24 balloons into a model home of another 3DS so I can have unlimited orderable balloons. I don’t even care if they’re heart shaped or bunny shaped, but I like round better. However, the Balloon Series is dead close to the bottom ten. Having a furniture series made of balloons would not stick together. In real life, they would dissolve and float away, and if you kept them in a room overnight, they will fall. This is how balloons live. One day, they would float. Then they will fall. After that, they will continue getting smaller until all the air is gone. It turns out that in ACNL, balloons reproduce like bacteria. When you shoot down a balloon, you get a balloon product, even if it’s a hat. I can totally bet that they really are plastic pieces made to look like balloons since balloons don’t really light up.
  • #26 – Alpine Series: I may like the Medieval theme, but post-Renaissance European themes (like this Swiss or Austrian furniture theme) don’t interest me at all. Its sister themes, the Cabin Series and Ranch Series, are the best pioneer themes in ACNL. The Cabin Series is an even better winter themed furniture series than the Alpine Series.
  • #25 – Exotic Series: Looks like we are back to the GameCube Version themes. In addition, we’re finally at the furniture series that my like factor exceeds the hate factor, but the like factor is still weak. The name doesn’t fit the description. The Japanese themes may be nice, but this furniture series is still in the bottom half. Too bad, so sad, but there are a lot more that I like than this.
  • #24 – Snowman Series: As I continue going higher up on my list, we’re now beginning to see more Sci-Fi themes and winter themes. The Snowman Series is at the bottom of my list of best to worst winter themes in ACNL (unless if you count the Pave Series, but I throw that in the spring themes). The truth here is that I don’t like embedding character designs into furniture (you should look at the Marshal dream town in ACNL. He’s everywhere, including the bedspreads). The other furniture series that makes this mistake is the Spooky Series, but the only difference is that I like the Halloween Theme. The Snowman Series just doesn’t make it high enough. The worst part about this series is how to obtain them. The Snowboys act like spoiled brats. If you’re even 99% perfect, you still get nothing from these snobby snowpeople. Even the other ACNL players are frustrated by these guys.
  • #23 – Card Series: Here we are, the median rank of the GracieGrace themes. The Card Series may be pretty funny looking (and the cheapest of the Gracie items), but it still looks messy. The only furniture piece that seems rather realistic is the Card Tower. Are they really made of plastic or wood, or did Gracie stack cards and compiled them together to make a card-based furniture theme?
  • #22 – Rococo Series: There are 22 furniture series sold at Timmy’s and Tommy’s store, but there are only 18 regular ones. There are four special ones, including the spotlight exclusive Victorian style furniture series, the Rococo Series. It looks luxurious or formal, but I have seen better. Above all, this did not make it to the top half.
  • #21 – Regal Series: I may consider this furniture series to be a bit girly and fantasy themed, but the Regal Series is a traditional series (aka GameCube version introduced series). The thing here is that the Regal Series is a very nice furniture series. It looks like a life of luxury. Unfortunately, this furniture series is in the bottom half, but it barely made it there.
  • #20 – Sleek Series: If you like cool stuff or disco/retro themes, the Sleek Series might be a perfect fit for you. It seems to be cool, and better than the Minimalist Series, but not suitable for my likings, not enough at least. This theme may be the most boyish furniture series, but it’s too boyish for Kaylee. Even so, my female characters aren’t that girly at all, but that’s possibly because I’m a boy and I don’t like what’s girly.
  • #19 – Egg Series: We’re at the midpoint of this list, so it’s neither in the top half nor bottom half. The Easter Series, or Egg Series, would have to be the most fun to collect, but it doesn’t looks fun to own. I don’t really like Easter in ACNL anymore than I do in real life, but I do think this furniture series has its good points and bad points.
  • #18 – Cabana Series: We’re now at the top half, but we’re not at the top ten yet. The Cabana Series may be one of the lesser furniture series from the GameCube Version, but combining it with a whole bunch of other series, the Cabana Series appears to make it in the top half. It’s a disappointment that it’s now an unorderable furniture series, but hey, I like the idea that they have island furniture themes.
  • #17 – Golden Series: This may be introduced in City Folk, but it’s a regular theme and not a DLC theme in New Leaf. First of all, there are a few hardships. One of them is that the clock is too huge for a clock. Rather than being a table clock or a tall clock (or a wall clock), it’s a huge clock. Another is that there are three pieces that are lighting pieces. Some furniture series have two, and the others that have a lighting source has one. But why do we need three in one series? I’m okay if a lamp, clock, or radio is missing from a series, and I’m more than okay if a TV is missing (I like using the themeless TVs), but I don’t like three. The third hardship is that Cyrus gives us random items rather than having us choose what items we want. I kinda hate it that some themes throw out random items rather than let you pick what you want. But this furniture series is nice looking, and so golden. I don’t care if it’s monochromatic. It’s full of gold.
  • #16 – Classic Series: Even if this furniture series is low in my top half, the Classic Series is one of the best ones. There are several that look fancy, and this one is a prime example. It’s also a formal furniture series. You can make a nice 1800’s house or a hotel by using this furniture series.
  • #15 – Stripe Series: This is one of the better furniture series introduced in ACNL. It may sound weird to put it up this high, but I like the stripe pattern and the trapezoid shaped furniture. It even looks like summer to me. The Polka-dot Series looks ugly to me, but not the Stripe Series.
  • #14 – Modern Series: This is another good furniture series for a hotel-themed house, and it’s actually the most suitable one. I do like the basic themes just as much as the fancy themes at times. What’s even better about this series is that you can re-color this to five other colors, not just the black tone.
  • #13 – Blue Series: The color blue makes me feel calm like I’m in the sea. It doesn’t sound creative or original to have a furniture series based after only one color, but this is a traditional furniture series. The design of the furniture, the diamond patterns, the study motif being a good match for this, and the color blue makes this furniture series one of the best. My only criticism is that there are three furniture pieces that store items when there are only supposed to be two. Not just that, but there’s another dresser. Even if they are lamps, they are mini-lights on dressers. So there must be a lot of items to put away here.
  • #12 – Green Series: When I first played Animal Crossing, the Green Series was my favorite furniture series. Green was my favorite color at the time, and it still is one of the best. As of Wild World, this furniture series makes it in the top five, but on this list, it’s not even in the top ten. Sometimes, I can stay clean and go green in ACNL. If you want to stay basic rather than be all fancy or seasonal, the Green Series is one of the best ones. This is a traditional furniture series that made it through all four games as well.
  • #11 – Ice Series: This furniture series seems to be beautiful. Not to mention, but it’s actually the easiest snowperson set to complete in-game, if you can go snowflake hunting all day. If you want a Frozen themed house (like in Disney’s Frozen), this would be a key factor. It’s Elsa’s ice castle. Too bad that you can’t save snowflakes, but you can sell them for a low price, or you can trade them in for these furniture pieces like you can trade blue coins in Super Mario Sunshine for a Shine Sprite.
  • #10 – Spooky Series: This is it! We’re now at the top ten! Most of these furniture series are futuristic or North American, possibly best fitting the United States (or Canada in case of the Jingle Series and Mush Series). There are only two of these I don’t use in StarFall, but I have used them in Westport and Belcroft. At the surface of the cloud is this haunted collection. My complaint is that they’re using orange wood and making characters into pieces rather than using basic items with jack-o-lanterns decorating the pieces. But it doesn’t need to be improved. Also, as a decorator, when I get to a holiday-themed room like this, I put in other complements related to the holiday. In the Spooky room of Jenny’s house, I used the five jack-o-lanterns you can get if you don’t give your villagers candy. That might teach you to start decorating that way.
  • #9 – Ranch Series: There appears to be a drought in regular furniture series in the top ten, especially for the GameCube Version introduced series. The country one is a perfect fit for any season or a western or southern themed town. I used this furniture series in Jenny’s house too.
  • #8 – Harvest Series: This sure has gobbled its way up to the top ten. Thanksgivings may not be as overhyped in the US as Halloween and Christmas, but its major enough to have a furniture theme too. Not just a furniture theme, but a furniture theme to stay in my top ten. I am surprised that the holiday this theme is associated with is in all versions, not just the NA version. Even if the NA region is the only one that celebrates Thanksgivings, it’s on the fourth Thursday of November, even if you pick this game up in Canada. So it’s in all versions, but on that day, only the United States celebrates it. Canada does it on the second Sunday of October.
  • #7 – Sweets Series: The good news for the fall-themed furniture series is that all of them are in my top ten, including this one. It is a GracieGrace theme, but one of the best ones too. It’s sweet to have such furniture series like this. I can bet that this furniture series is all wood or fabric, but designed to look like real desserts made into furniture pieces (like the Sweets Minilamp).
  • #6 – Mush Series: I do not like mushrooms at all, but the Mush Series is a beautiful one. The fall themed items will always prevail when it comes to the four seasons. The forest looks and colorful lighting makes me want to see more like this. I even liked how to get it in Wild World, even if it’s easier to get in New Leaf. I can tell that they didn’t get rid of the Mush Stand properly. It’s no longer in ACNL, but the Mush Wall lamp has the orange light while the Mush Hanger is kinda similar.
  • #5 – Jingle Series: The top five series on my list includes a GameCube Version introduced series, a Wild World introduced series, a City Folk introduced series, and a New Leaf introduced series. Halloween may be my favorite holiday to decorate for, but the Christmas themed items in AC are the best holiday themed items to get. As a great interior decorator, I put Christmas complements like both Christmas trees and the other Christmas items like the Festive Wreath and Holiday Candle. I can even show you a picture of what I did there (oh wait, I already did, back when I shared the best and worst of ACNL).
  • #4 – Cabin Series: As of today, the Cabin Series is my favorite GameCube Version introduced series. It doesn’t fit too many themes, but it’s a winter-themed furniture series like the Jingle Series, Snowman Series, and Ice Series. However, I would associate that more with the Southwest, the other pioneer places, or Mexico. The reason being is that the design of the fabrics on some of the items look Mexican to me, or another country from Latin America. As I said before, both Jenny and Penny are Mexicans. Penny is more proud of her nation of birth than Jenny, so I used this furniture series in Penny’s house.
  • #3 – Astro Series: While most of the New Leaf introduced themes are at the bottom half, they hardly make it to the top ten. There is at least one that could make it this high, and that is the Astro Series. It’s a nice furniture series for a hotel themed house. Another thing, this seems to be futuristic, but more like a space city empire.
  • #2 – Robo Series: After its introduction in Wild World, not much could top this robot based furniture series. Yes, it may reflect characters like the Snowman Series and Spooky Series, but I think this is better as a series and not a set. This is Kaylee’s favorite furniture series, and I used it in her bedroom. This would have to be my favorite furniture series that you can re-order from the catalog.
  • #1 – Gorgeous Series: Of all the furniture series in Animal Crossing, the absolute winner for the best spot is the Gorgeous Series. Back when I first seen it for City Folk, this was the furniture series I wanted most. Now, I can get it easily. What’s even cooler is that it matches the winter and not the other seasons. While the Princess Series and Rococo Series look luxurious, the 1920’s New York theme (or the Gorgeous Series) is excess in luxury. I even had a house in Belcroft that used only the Gorgeous Series in every room. The title perfectly matches the description. It’s even a popular furniture theme.

Now that is over, I will share how I rank the furniture themes and furniture sets. First is worst, and last is best.

Furniture Themes:

  • #12 – Nursery Theme
  • #11 – Mario Theme
  • #10 – Pirate Theme
  • #9 – Boxing Theme
  • #8 – Spa Theme
  • #7 – Creepy Theme
  • #6 – Space Theme
  • #5 – Western Theme
  • #4 – Construction Theme
  • #3 – Backyard Theme
  • #2 – Mad Scientist’s Theme
  • #1 – Sci-Fi Theme

Furniture Sets:

  • #32 – Totem Pole Set
  • #31 – Dharma Set
  • #30 – Bear Set
  • #29 – Panda Set
  • #28 – Lucky Cat Set
  • #27 – Nintendo Set
  • #26 – Frog Set
  • #25 – Flower Set
  • #24 – Chess Set
  • #23 – Classroom Set
  • #22 – Vase Set
  • #21 – Pine Set
  • #20 – Watermelon Set
  • #19 – Pear Set
  • #18 – Drum Set
  • #17 – Hospital Set
  • #16 – Insect Set
  • #15 – Strings Set
  • #14 – Guitar Set
  • #13 – Fish Set
  • #12 – Zen Garden Set
  • #11 – Zen Set
  • #10 – Study Set
  • #9 – Office Set
  • #8 – Citrus Set
  • #7 – Juicy-Apple Set
  • #6 – Pine Bonsai Set
  • #5 – Bonsai Set
  • #4 – Cactus Set
  • #3 – House Plant Set
  • #2 – Museum Set
  • #1 – Cafe Set

That’s all for this week. Next week, I will explore the Public Works Projects and other landmarks.


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