StarFall History – History of Belcroft

Last week, I went over the history of my very first town in ACNL. Now I’m ready to move to the next town – Belcroft. The town of Belcroft was similar to Westport, but helped bridge into StarFall. Some of the items I gathered while I was playing ACNL in Belcroft were moved on to StarFall. Unlike Westport, I actually liked Belcroft, but that one didn’t even last a year. After playing online with others, picking up inspirations from other people, Belcroft was the next to fall. In fact, even in January, I was considering on starting a new town.

Now I am going over more on my town of Belcroft. I will go over the characters, how I planned it, and a few other interesting stuff.


I was never aware of the Reset Villager Trick until the road to deletion of Belcroft, so once again, I had four characters. Two male, and two female. The last two had ABA eyes. The first two had the most popular eyes (AAA) and least popular eyes (CBA). There was only one blonde, but three brunettes. Here we go:


Since Kaylee was my best character in Westport, I decided that I was gonna recreate her. She had a few similarities. I kept the same fashion preference from where I left off from in Westport (red argyle shirt, black formal pants, black tights, black loafers, and four leaf clover). Her birthday was rather October 1st (same as the one in StarFall) than July 20th. At first, she had a mix of three futuristic rooms, a grand lobby, and the Gorgeous room. I even transferred the items over. I forgot what the basement was for, but I remembered that I had something. Later on, I changed her a bit. She later became some 50’s schoolgirl (like what we see now) with an all-futuristic house. Her house was later known as the Space Castle.

Since I originally decided to have only one character, Kaylee did all the work in Belcroft. She did the donations, exhibit designs, PWPs, and emotions. She was a one woman army who fought against incompletion, by decorating the town. She’s still even my best character in Belcroft. Her house was located near the sea cliff and in front of the waterfall lake. She was on the south side of the river rather than the north side.


Until the last three months of having Belcroft, I only had one character. My later plan was to have four characters again. Hawk was the Victorian man. His house was on the same side of the river as Kaylee’s house. Every room in his house follows the Gorgeous theme. Left room was a guest room, middle room was the lobby, basement was the living room, right room was the basement, back room was the kitchen, and top room was his bedroom. He lived close to the secluded beach on the south side of the river.


While Hawk had the Gorgeous house, Morgan had a similar concept. Everything in his house was sweets. The exterior parts are all part of the sweets theme. Top room was his bedroom, basement was a bar, left room was the dining room, middle room was the lobby, back room was the living room, and right room was the guest room. He was a cross dresser, but don’t ask me about it. I’m not gay. His house was north of the river, and close to the Train Station.


My last character was a girl. She had the same hairstyle as Jenny’s, but only with the ABA eyes (rather than the AAA eyes). Her house was supposed to be a regular house. Left room was the green room, right was the blue, center was the plaza, basement was a bathroom and laundry room, top room was a modern room, and the back room was almost the same as Jenny’s basement (we’ll go over more in the future, if you want to see what it looked like, visit my dream town). Jordan was my girly girl, as she dressed girly.

Planning (2013)

Belcroft was created on October 22nd, 2013. That time, I tried searching for a good map rather than a bad map like Westport’s. What I wanted that time is to not repeat some of the same mistakes I did in Westport. Kaylee’s house was located in the southwest corner of town. The beaches were on the east again. The north side of the river is significantly bigger than the south, which made me want to keep the south side as a private side of the river for Kaylee. Most of the projects were placed there. I also had a host town to hold onto my stuff from Westport that I want to carry to Belcroft. Then I transferred them to Belcroft.

Mistakes that I didn’t want to repeat:

  • To cancel a major project ceremony (or finish donations before a holiday)
  • To build T&T Emporium (failed)
  • To have more than one character (success in 2013, failed in 2014)
  • To time travel back and forth excessively (failed)
  • To scramble the timeline (like when a later T&T Expansion is older than an earlier one)
  • To delete my town (ultimately failed)

To avoid messing up the timeline, I started out on January 8th, 2013 and only time traveled forwards. I used the diving trick to gather more PWPs. What I wanted are the lighthouse, tower, windmill, illuminated arch, illuminated clock, and flower clock. I got a few more as well. The Cafe was built on the peninsula on the south side of the river. Police Station was in the middle of the north side of the river. Campsite was in front of town hall. Re-Tail was in the same location it was at in Westport. And the Plaza was on the north side of the river. One cool PWP I got was a camping cot, and I placed it next to the campsite.

The perfect apple trees were all south of the river, while all the other trees were north of the river. Unlike last town where I wanted animals on both sides of the river, I wanted all animals on the north side of the river. Unlike StarFall, there were some to begin with. The worst house plot was when one animal moved right in front of a bridge. After that, it was over.

Belcroft was a better planned town than Westport, but my interest in ACNL wasn’t very high either. At the end of 2013, I decided to take a break, but I returned two days after my birthday.

Planning (2014)

I started moving away from the whole Westport thing, but I had to re-do my town a bit. As I successfully kept animals away from moving south of the river, I had to re-landscape the town and move some projects. I also had to make new characters as I changed my mind where I originally wanted one. I had Caroline at the end of 2013, but I had to let her go later. I even got her pic, which was the first time in Animal Crossing history that I got an animal pic by doing very well. Kaylee turned from what she was like in Westport to a precursor of what she is in StarFall. Her house is the same as what I have now, and so are her outfits.

Before I made the other three characters, my focus was on cataloging and gathering 100 million Bells. I was playing alone until later when I joined GameFAQ’s community for help on my town. After getting 100 million Bells, I created three new characters and decorated their houses. Unfortunately, they only lasted a month. Since Kaylee did all the work, all of my alts were dummy characters.


Some time in June (I don’t remember), I ended up deleting Belcroft, a little more than a year after I created Westport. I stopped using the 3DS that had Westport and Belcroft since then. To learn more about the deletion of Belcroft, stay tuned for next Tuesday as I go over preparation history, which is the end of the prehistory of StarFall.


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