Logic Problem #2

It’s the end of Week Four, so it’s time to share another logic problem. This week, it will be an Animal Crossing themed problem. This is under the series of Town Identification. The Town Identification series is about four Animal Crossing players named Tracy, Stacy, Mark, and Sally, who are big Animal Crossing players. Their rival, Jamie Wells, already had a well-complete town. She got all of her dreamies obtained, a nicely designed dream town, all four houses maxed out with very nice layouts, a completed museum with nice custom exhibits, and a completed Main Street. Not only that, but she has all 72 badges earned. The friendly four aren’t complete yet. They are far from completion. In fact, some are more complete than others. All of them are top ranked in at least one category, but are also bottom ranked in another category. Every four weeks, you will get to learn more about how well completed they are and how far are they from completion. You don’t have to solve the first puzzle to get to the second puzzle, but it’s highly recommended that you solve them all if you want to know the whole story. If you don’t know how to set up a logic problem on the computer, please go back to the first problem to see the setup.

Town Identification: Town Management

The first step into finding out whose towns are what is to find out which town has what mayor, what ordinance is active, and what theme their towns follow. Tracy’s town is Ruby, Stacy’s town is Emerald, Mark’s town is Sapphire, and Sally’s town is Diamond. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are four ordinances, two of them (Beautiful Town and Wealthy Town) do not add extra hours to each shop, while the other two (Early Bird and NIght Owl) add extra hours to the shops. None of the towns have the same ordinance as each other. They have their own themes too (one of them has a default theme rather than a fancier theme). Jamie’s town is named Platinum, mayor is Kara, ordinance is Beautiful Town, and doesn’t really have much of a theme. But can you find out which of the four towns (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond) have what mayor, what ordinance, and what theme?



  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond


  • John
  • Jack
  • Betty
  • Sarah


  • Beautiful Town
  • Early Bird
  • Night Owl
  • Wealthy Town

Town Theme:

  • Zen
  • Fairy-Tale
  • Modern
  • Default


  1. The four towns are the town of Diamond, the town with the Night Owl ordinance active, the Fairy-Tale themed town, and the town with Sarah as the mayor.
  2. Either the town of Diamond or the Zen themed town has Wealthy Town ordinance active.
  3. Neither Betty nor the mayor of the Modern themed town runs the town of Emerald.
  4. Jack doesn’t like the town ordinances where shops are open for more hours.
  5. Sarah and Betty run the Zen themed town and the town of Ruby, in some order.
  6. Jack and John run the town with Wealthy Town ordinance active and the town of Sapphire, in some order.
  7. The town of Ruby and the town ran by John are under the Beautiful Town ordinance and the Modern themed town, in some order.

Please comment if you have solved the problem. Hopefully this isn’t too hard.


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