Ranking the AC Priorities from most to least important

Before I start, what do you like most about Animal Crossing? What do you care about the least? Some people care more about their animals, obtaining dreamies, and chatting with them. They would reset their towns or go on cycling quests if their favorite animal moved in the wrong spot or moved out of town. Some people care more about decorating their town over anything. Those are interested into PWP unlocking, path designing, and plot resetting. Here is a list of priorities in the game. The ones in bold are headers/categories rather than the items.

  • Daily Activities
    • Money Making
    • Hunting Balloons
    • Fishing
    • Bug Hunting
    • Deep Sea Diving
    • Stalk Market
    • Digging
    • Island Tours
  • Events
    • K.K. Slider Concerts
    • Fishing Tourney
    • Bug-Off
    • Mardi Gras (Festivale)
    • Easter (Bunny Day)
    • Fireworks Festivals
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgivings (Harvest Festival)
    • Christmas (Toy Day)
    • Other holidays
  • Special Visitors
    • Redd
    • Saharah
    • Katrina
    • Gracie
    • Katie
  • Animals
    • Obtaining Dreamies
    • Villager Chat
    • Villager Chores
    • Letter Writing
  • Completion
    • Badges
    • Museum Donations
    • T&T Expansions
    • Unlocking other stores
  • Town Decoration
    • Plot Resetting
    • PWP Unlocking
    • Hybridization
    • Farming
    • PWP Building
    • Paths
    • Weeding
  • House/Character/Items
    • Paying off debts
    • Cataloging
    • Ordering
    • Interior Design
    • Exterior Design
    • Character Design
    • Pattern Design
  • Wi-Fi
    • DLC
    • Streetpass
    • Dream Suite
    • Hosting Visitors
    • Visiting other Towns

So there are eight categories of priorities, and not including the categories, 50 different priorities. As a result, I will have two lists. One is on which categories I feel are more important, and the other is on the priorities rather than the categories.

Ranking the Categories

Some priorities in ranking may overlap, as there are some more important than others, but for an average weight on the categories, here are what I find more important or less important:

  • #1 – Completion: Of all of the priorities in video gaming in general, completion is the number one thing I care about the most. For example, when there are trophies to earn in a PS3 game, I aim for all of the trophies. When there is a percentage completion, I focus on getting a 100%. When there are several developer levels to beat, I go for all levels. And ACNL is not different to others. Paying off debts, building all the major PWPs, achieving the 30 PWP quota, and filling up the museum are what I like most.
  • #2 – Town Decoration: Until ACNL came out, this wouldn’t rank really high, but now I’m in favor of this since the introduction of the mayoral features and the Dream Suite. Getting the projects I want matter a lot to me. Achieving perfect town status also feels important to me. While interior design may be fun, town design may sound better.
  • #3 – House/Character/Items: One of the things I liked most about Animal Crossing in general is decorating your house. With more items introduced and more features added, this feature got better and better. Even character design has improved unlike in the past three games.
  • #4 – Daily Activities: When there is nothing left to be done after decoration, customization, and completion, what matters the most to me would be stuff like money making and stuff you can do with tools. The truth here is that I don’t care too much about the rest of the stuff after this.
  • #5 – Special Visitors: When there are stuff that needs to be done as it requires the special visitors, I would need them to their help. But once I am through, repeats would become a much smaller priority.
  • #6 – Wi-Fi: Even if I can only go so far without online trading and stuff, I don’t care too much about most Wi-Fi features. I like to share my town, but I only use this feature when something is needed to be done.
  • #7 – Animals: While the most important feature of the game is to learn about friendships and interact with animals, this is one of the smaller priorities of mine. I do have favorite villagers, but I do not have dreamies.
  • #8 – Events: Although this is one of Wild World’s biggest flaws, I care very little about the holidays and events in New Leaf. I’m more of a completionist, and when I have all the items I need, there’s no reason to celebrate the holidays anymore. But I do like this feature, I just don’t use it.

Judging by how I rank the categories, I’m more of a decorator and completionist rather than someone who would live the life of Animal Crossing. And that is true, but this is how I want to play. That’s why I have more ideas on town management and items rather than on animals.

Ranking the Priorities

50 is a lot to list and rank, but if I had a specific order, this is how it would go:

  • #1 – Money making: What’s more important than anything else in games with a money making simulator would have to be making money. Without money, there’s no way to build PWPs, remodel homes, get the furniture for your houses, or almost anything else. How are you going to catch fish? You’ll need a rod, which costs 500 Bells. You can make more money by hitting money rocks or digging for gyroids, but that also requires 500 Bells for a permanent use. Wanna go Beetle Farming or get a diving suit? You’re gonna need to spend 1,000 Bells to go to the Island, which can’t be unlocked until your down payment is complete, which is 10,000 more Bells. If you’re playing a Tycoon game like Roller Coaster Tycoon or Zoo Tycoon, what do you think is more important than making money? Nothing. Sims games are the same thing. Besides, money in-game adds a restriction to your play. Do you want to have no limits while playing? Not only that, but there wouldn’t be any fun if you had unlimited cash or have no money as an object.
  • #2 – Unlocking other stores: While I feel that it’s necessary to remodel the Nooklings stores, other stores need to be unlocked first. You’ll need a garden shop to start landscaping, a shoe store to unlock the hair salon, and the hair salon to decorate your characters’ looks. I don’t like the default hairstyle for the AAA eyes (unless if they did make the default hairstyle the ponytail hair, but that’s not the case).
  • #3 – T&T Expansions: The more you remodel Timmy and Tommy’s store, the more features you can unlock. Although I don’t need T&T Emporium in StarFall, T.I.Y. is the minimum store where you can buy shrubs without going to the island an K.K. Music without time traveling every Saturday, as well as Leif selling house plants. Super T&T is needed if you want to buy wall furniture. T&T Mart is the minimum store for almost anything else, including carpets, wallpaper, medicine, and even catalog. You can’t even unlock Club LOL if you only had Nookling Junction.
  • #4 – Paying off Debts: One of the biggest priorities I had in Animal Crossing history is maxing out my house in expansions. And in New Leaf, there’s even more Bells to pay to max out house size. If I pay off all of my debts, that would mean more room to store more furniture. But even with the houses being bigger than before, I feel that we need more room, like both the first floor and second floor have four rooms while every room should be 12×12 spaces.
  • #5 – Museum Donations: The reason why I value donating to the museum is because of one major thing: Museum completion symbolizes how far you have completed your town in the older games, especially Wild World when you had only one house. Besides, the animals may want to live in a better town. Well, a town would be better with a more complete museum too.
  • #6 – Cataloging: It’s more than just to obtain the Catalog Gold Badge. If I had a more complete catalog, I would have more to order from so I don’t have to go time traveling back and forth to look for an item I don’t have on my catalog. I have all furniture, carpets, and wallpaper on my catalog, most clothes, and some of the rest. For unorderable items like the Ski items and the Mush Series, I can get them easily without ordering, or I can get them from another person online.
  • #7 – PWP Unlocking: PWP Building would be the next one on my list, but in order to build the Public Works Projects that I need that aren’t available on the list, unlocking them is the first step. I don’t care too much about the animals and diving, but I would need them in order to unlock the PWPs I need.
  • #8 – PWP Building: Now we are at the PWP building part. While most of the first seven were about blowing out the requirements, this would be my second biggest priority in game irrelevant to filling out the prerequisites and biggest priority pertaining to decoration, customization, and life inside ACNL. Stuff I like are the fountain, street lamp, park clock, wooden bench, the lighthouse, the illuminated projects, the Cafe, and the projects under the Modern motif. Stuff that’s missing in ACNL are the Mayor’s statue, the Carousel, and a few other futuristic projects (I’ll go over that in a few weeks from now). Not only I need to choose what PWPs I want, but I also need to choose where I want them, pay them off, and celebrate the ceremonies. I even written a guide on GameFAQs on PWPs in general.
  • #9 – Interior Design: My favorite part about Animal Crossing (like I repeatedly said) was interior designing. This is actually one thing I care about the most as I play. Setting out the furniture, moving the furniture, special features like lights, fans, and beds, and changing the carpet and wallpaper. Interior Design is not only something I excel in ACNL, but in real life too. I know all about the types of lighting, doors, windows, window treatments, walls, and floors. I know about furniture production, kitchen types, and furniture styles too. I’m an expert in both ACNL and reality on interior design.
  • #10 – Ordering: What got me interested into playing Animal Crossing from the start is the whole ordering feature, where you can order items, get them as presents in the mail, and place them in your house or other things. But now, I felt that this feature made all orderable items unlimited in stock. I can even order the items I could hardly find in the Nooklings Stores.
  • #11 – Exterior Design: In regards to housing in ACNL, updating exteriors would be my least favorite part, but just because something is the worst of one thing doesn’t mean it’s bad at all. You could have a list of colors you like, and the worst color on that list is still a color you like. This is how I am with exterior design. Even if it doesn’t soar above the other house features in ACNL, this one is pretty unique and something I wished was in the previous games.
  • #12 – Plot Resetting: Before I had StarFall, I never done this before. Due to this bad animal moving mechanic, this is necessary, especially if you are a serious town designer like me. You can control where your animals live. Because I’ve been doing this, no animal has ever moved south of the river in StarFall, ever. There wasn’t even one to begin with.
  • #13 – Fishing: Of all the money making methods, selling ACNL items to other players would be the best way. But if we take out online play, I would prefer fishing over anything else. Coelacanths, stringfish, dorados, and sharks are the biggest money makers, and even if you can’t find them, you can still get whale sharks, saw sharks, oarfish, hammerheads, tuna, arowanas, arapaimas, napoleonfish, blue marlins, and gars. In the GameCube Version, the only three fish we primarily caught were the sea bass, red snapper, and barred knifejaw. The red snappers and barred knifejaws were what we wanted at the time, and they still do a good job in ACNL, but not that much. But this priority is where we meet the biggest villain in AC, the sea bass.
  • #14 – Bug Hunting: Right after fishing would be bug hunting. Since you don’t have to worry about random bobs, mysterious shadows, and sea basses when you search for bugs, this is a bit easier. But I prefer fishing over bug hunting, especially when bees (which actually look like wasps) are in the question. Tarantulas and Scorpions are the biggest nightmares, but you don’t have to worry about the three bad bugs if you’re only beetle farming on the island.
  • #15 – Digging: When there are cracks in my town, I know what this means. It’s time to start digging up buried items to keep the town clean from buried junk. Not only that, but I can make a profit by selling what I find. The cracks are mostly gyroids, but I do miss when animals buried items all around. This also helps me find hidden ore and work on the fossil collection. On a related note, I shake trees sometimes, but not all the time.
  • #16 – Farming: Also known as landscaping, this was only good when I work on town design and not money making. Fruits are a good money maker, but I rather use them, as well as saplings and bush starts, to landscape my town. I even try to stay organized when I plant the trees.
  • #17 – Paths: Since path patterns are needed to make a really good dream town like StarFall, I seem to like paths. One week, I will share my path patterns on Town of StarFall. I made some really cool paths, including the ones that go through the arches.
  • #18 – Hybridization: Another element of a good dream town is growing flowers. As part of town decoration, I prefer to grow my hybrid flowers. My favorite flowers are the tulips, and making hybrid tulips would make my town more beautiful. Next game should have hybrid flowers as a donatable artifact to the museum.
  • #19 – Badges: I am a bit iffy on this feature, but leaning more to the positive side. While it covers some priorities I care more about, it also goes over what I care less for. As a result, I wouldn’t work on getting the badges I can’t get on my own.
  • #20 – Character Design: Although character customization is a cool feature, there are only very few outfits that look good on my female characters. I prefer keeping the eyes and hairstyle the same all along and rarely update the outfits.
  • #21 – Weeding: Due to the Beautiful Town Ordinance, I don’t have very many weeds anymore, but I don’t like seeing them in my town either. If they grow, I will pull. It’s still one of the stronger priorities.
  • #22 – Pattern Design: While I’m not a good pattern designer, I seem to care about this more than almost half the priorities I listed. I only do this to get the correct patterns like the flag design, path design, and coat design. I sometimes do this for fun, but not too much.
  • #23 – Stalk Market: This may be the biggest way to make money, but it’s more of a gamble. I only cared for it just to get the badge and not for the Bells.
  • #24 – Hosting Visitors: While online plays such as visiting and hosting are fun since I get to interact with the humans, I prefer hosting visitors from another town. In this case, I can avoid picking up voided villagers as I can show others what my town looks like.
  • #25 – Visiting other Towns: Almost tied to hosting visitors, I seem to do this too. Either way, I only do this when I need to buy, sell, trade, or giveaway ACNL items to/from another player. Other than that, I don’t really use this feature that much. I like playing alone.
  • #26 – Deep Sea Diving: Even if it’s not as fun as fishing and bug-hunting, it’s still high in the priorities list. It only leans to the middle since there aren’t very many good catches to find as when I’m through with museum donations, I don’t do this that much.
  • #27 – Redd: As I’m starting to deviate away from the town decoration, customization, and completion priorities, we’re beginning to see what I care less for. Redd would have to be the top priority of all special visitors since he sells what I can donate, but when I have all of the works of art, Redd isn’t that important anymore. In fact, I got all works of real art prior to my town of StarFall creation, so I don’t have to time travel back and forth on StarFall like I did on my first two towns. Therefore, I do not visit Redd at all.
  • #28 – Katrina: As much as I hate the luck system in ACNL, Katrina seems to be more of a cheat guide on what to wear to unlock the luck or avoid the bad luck. Since I like to complete Main Street, buying fortunes from her is very important. Now I don’t care as much once she’s gone, but this is still big.
  • #29 – Gracie: Although I don’t need T&T Emporium in StarFall, she seems to be a bit important if I want to get the last Nookling expansion. Since this is a big deal in many towns, but not in StarFall, she’s not ranked very high, but I do recommend completing her fashion checks if you want to get a golden shovel, Gracie furniture, or some other items exclusive to the last expansion.
  • #30 – Fishing Tourney: Now we are moving onto the holidays. Even the best one on the list isn’t in the top half of the priority list. I may like competition and some of the rare fish items Chip gives out, but this isn’t too important to me. It’s not even my favorite AC holiday.
  • #31 – Bug-Off: I would tie this to the Fishing Tourney, but the reason why it’s ranked lower is because of the point system rather than size competition. Moreover, I don’t like catching bugs as much as I like catching fish.
  • #32 – K.K. Slider concerts: I’ve never been passive before about K.K. Slider music. I would like to listen to all of his music to get more, but I lost interest into time traveling week to week just for more music. Besides, the Nooklings now sell his music, making this even less important. Another thing, I don’t even like K.K. music anymore. Low quality music it is to my opinion.
  • #33 – Other holidays: When I mean other holidays, I mean Weeding Day and any holiday Isabelle is involved. They may not have special features like Halloween or Harvest Festival, but it’s nice to stop in and pick up a gift once in a while. Of these holidays, April Fools is what I care for the least. I don’t need all of these animal pics. I also don’t care too much about birthdays.
  • #34 – Villager Chat: As animals aren’t really important to me, this one ranks higher than the other priorities I haven’t covered yet. I do prefer chatting with them more than aim for dreamies and letter writing. It’s still one of the few things I care less about in-game. I used to care a lot about this back with the GameCube version, but not in New Leaf.
  • #35 – Saharah: Of all of the special visitors, Saharah is the most frustrating one. There are some carpets and wallpaper you can’t get from anyone but Saharah, but she sometimes places in carpets and wallpaper that are sold at T&T’s stores. The worst ones are the common wall and common floor. I don’t think she should be giving out non-exclusives at all.
  • #36 – Halloween: It may be my favorite holiday in ACNL, but when I have collected the Creepy items and prank items, there’s no need to celebrate this anymore in-game.
  • #37 – Harvest Festival: Another holiday that was fun to celebrate in-game, but I don’t see anything important about it anymore since I have the fruit basket and cornucopia in Jenny’s house (in StarFall). It’s still fun to get the ingredients and make the food.
  • #38 – Bunny Day: Although I don’t like Easter as much as I like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, the way how you play it in-game seems to be fun.
  • #39 – Fireworks Festivals: Even if the items achieved from the Fireworks Festivals are pretty cool, I don’t need to collect them, making this not very important to me. I don’t know what to say, but it’s just that I’m not a fan of the holidays in AC like I am in real life.
  • #40 – Obtaining Dreamies: Like I said numerous times, I don’t care too much about the animals. Even if I have favorite villagers and least favorite villagers, what matters more are on villager placement, PWPs, and other stuff. But I’m not that crazy over obtaining dreamies. So far, Caroline never moved into StarFall, but I do like her.
  • #41 – Toy Day: I actually never played in this holiday before in ACNL (as well as my lack of interest over ACCF), but it doesn’t interest me at all. I even got my wreath from other people online and not from Jingle.
  • #42 – Villager Chores: This may sound lazy, but I don’t really have much time to fulfill villager requests. I don’t need to say it again, but you know the story.
  • #43 – Dream Suite: Although I like to share my town to the public, visiting others dream towns isn’t really a hobby of mine in ACNL. I know some who enjoy this a lot, but I’m not a heavy dreamer.
  • #44 – Festivale: Of all of the holidays in ACNL, this would have to be the one I care about least, other than the birthdays and April Fools. Not only I don’t really like the items, but I don’t seem to like feathers either. However, this does sound like a unique holiday since this is similar to Wisp’s quests in the first game, but I’m not to big into holidays either.
  • #45 – Island Tours: I did say that I like this feature, but I don’t see very many importance in this, based on my collection. I would like to do this, but due to work and school, I put this lower on my list.
  • #46 – Hunting Balloons: I love balloons, but not too much about hunting them down. Since they don’t spawn until every 10 minutes, this isn’t something I would enjoy. The slingshot is the tool I use the least of the six.
  • #47 – DLC: Even if I like some of the items, I don’t care too much about Nintendo Zone or promotional items. I only keep my 3DS system at home and not take it all over the place.
  • #48 – Letter Writing: This is an even smaller priority of mine in ACNL. In fact, I never cared too much about writing letters. If I did, I would aim it towards the less repetitive villagers (aka Jenny and Penny, my human villagers). But I don’t even care about mailing those blonde girls either. It’s not one of my favorite features.
  • #49 – Katie: The special visitor I care about the least is Katie. I don’t care too much about traveling to other towns, and she requires traveling. I like the other visitors anyway.
  • #50 – Streetpass: And here we are, the least important feature in my opinion. The only time I used streetpass for StarFall is to get all 24 balloons to become orderable. Since you can order them from model homes, as you can’t order them from your catalog, I had to do this. But since I don’t bring my 3DS all around, Streetpass is one of the many features I cared about the least.

That’s enough for today, but if you had to rank those priorities, how would they go?


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