StarFall History – History of Westport

So now I am done with sharing about my town’s characters and locations, it’s time to go back to when this all started. On my first entry on StarFall’s history, I talked about where I came up with the idea, but for now, I will begin its pre-history. You know what the first thing American History textbooks cover, right? The first subject isn’t the American Revolution, Colonial Era, or even the Age of Exploration. It’s the pre-Columbian era they go over first. In the StarFall History, the first subject would be on the history of my very first town, the History of Westport. Even if it has nothing to do with StarFall, I would go over how I progressed through and how I became a better town designer.

If you want to know, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since June 10th, 2013, even though there were a few days I didn’t play ACNL on. In fact, I had two towns in ACNL before I had the town of StarFall. And just like what I said a few weeks ago, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since the year of 2003. I’ve been playing AC for a while now, but I’m only going to cover my two towns I had before I created StarFall. My first two towns were on another 3DS system than what StarFall had. My first town is Westport. My second town is Belcroft.


Back when ACNL first came out in the United States, I made a town called Westport. It only lasted four months before I made a new town. The problem is, I did not like Westport. It was a poorly planned town, and due to my lack of knowledge and online play back then, I didn’t do well on Westport. I did enjoy playing AC at the time, but it wasn’t a good town. In this entry, I will go over who lived in my town, how I planned my town, why I deleted my town, and other interesting bits.


Unaware of plot resetting at the time, I chose to have only four characters in Westport. Two of them were male, and the other two were female. Even as a person who liked blondes, all of my characters had brown hair and ABA eyes or AAA eyes. Anyway, here are the four human characters of Westport:


Ferry is my first character ever in ACNL. If you want to know where I came up with that name, Ferry is short for Ferrington. The name Ferrington was the name of a baby bird from some comics I made as a teenager called Bird City. Ferrington was a gray feathered baby bird who always got humiliated in most of the Bird City comics he was in. I’m not going any further into this since I prefer to keep it private, but what got me naming my mayor in ACNL Ferrington was that the other work I used that name in was a book I tried writing in 2013 that never got published. It was called City of the Atmosphere, which is about a floating city completely made of metal, floating over the Mesosphere. One of the apartment buildings Lola (the main character) lived in as she was growing up was called “The Ferrington Apartments”. I decided to re-use that name, but I shortened it to “Ferry” because I knew that the character limit was 8.

I may have played female characters for longer in ACNL, but Ferrington (or Ferry) was male since I’m a male. On my first month I played ACNL, Ferrington was the only human character I played. He had ABA eyes since those were my favorite eye shape for the males at the time. I didn’t complete his house before I made another character, but I only had him until I completed my museum. Even after creating another character, I still used him until the day I deleted Westport. I didn’t really like him, but he was worth playing.

Ferrington’s house was supposed to be some odd house. I used a Zen exterior (both house model and exterior design), but a mixed interior. The left room was a sports room as the right room was the arcade with some generic carpet and wallpaper. The center resembled a Chinese plaza. The basement was a Cafe. The back room was a Princess Series room as the top room was the Gorgeous Series room. I always wanted a complete Gorgeous room for a long time.

Since I never created another character until I finished my museum, Ferrington basically did all the work for my town. He was in charge of all the museum donations, projects, and animal chatting. He was the first one to pay off all his debts and the first one to get all of his jokes learned at Club LOL. I did more work with him than I did with any other character in my town.


While Ferry was my first character in ACNL (ever), Kaylee was my first (and most played) female character in the same game. If you want to know where I had the idea for my mayor of StarFall, this is where it started. Kaylee started out as an alternative character for my first town. Like the one in StarFall, Kaylee had brown ponytail hair and brown eyes shaped like the girl on the front cover of ACNL. I wanted to give her some unusual name by using the name “Kay”, and combining it with another name “Lee”. It is an already existing name (in fact, that was the standard way of spelling it. There was also Kailee, Caylee, Kayleigh, Kaley etc, but I picked Kaylee). Her birthday was July 20th since it was in the third week of July, but the same day of the week as the first day of winter. I like blonde girls more, but Kaylee was better off brunette than blonde. Her first appearance was a black jacket, green pants, green tights, and brown boots, rather than her appearance like we see now. She used to be a girl who doesn’t like wearing dresses or skirts as of my first town, but I made her exclusively wear dresses and skirts later in ACNL.

I created Kaylee very early in the month of July, like nearly one month after I created my town. At first, I didn’t put too much backstory into her. But later on, even if I used Ferry a lot, I was quickly attracted to her, so I’ve been using her as my primary character, even if she’s a secondary character. I used her to gather a lot of medals on the island tours, repeated the same steps I did on Ferry, and several other things.

Kaylee was supposed to be my future girl who owned a space themed hotel. The left room, back room, and right room were all under the Astro theme. The top room was Robo-themed, and with a very few exceptions, it resembled what my mayor’s top room was in StarFall.


As part of my town planning, one of my houses was supposed to be a holiday mansion, where the rooms resemble holidays. Originally, the owner of the house was supposed to be male, but I picked female since a more creative name for it was a girl’s name. Holly was the name of the holiday mansion owner. Her hair was light brown and in a bun. She had blue ABA eyes.

Holly’s birthday was somehow the opposite of Kaylee’s birthday. Her birthday was on the same day of the week as the first day of summer, while it was in the third week of January. While Kaylee was my female character that worn pants, Holly was the skirt girl here. She also had a winter sweater. I later made her wear pants with tights when I tried making all of my characters wear black formal pants with an argyle shirt of a different kind.

Holly’s house was a holiday mansion. The left room was Halloween themed, back room was Thanksgivings, and right room was Christmas. The center room was a forest as the top room was a sweets room. She never completed her basement. I didn’t create her until I was finished with Ferry’s house.


My last character I made was Turtle, a boy who had the AAA eyes. I named him after my nickname, Turtle Boy (or Turtle). I made the least amount of work on him. But I did experience Resetti with this guy the most. I didn’t keep him for long. I ended up deleting him very late in my town’s history.


Ferry was my first character (and mayor), but Kaylee was my best character. The one who had the best house was Holly. Turtle was the only one I didn’t like. Because I enjoyed Kaylee a lot more than the other three, she was the only one re-created after I deleted my town. In fact, I was even thinking about making a town where Kaylee is the mayor.

Planning Westport

Even if Westport was poorly planned, I had a very interesting planning history. When I first made Westport, all I wanted was to have a house near a beach. Westport was the name of my last town (and best town) in Wild World. It took me four attempts until I made a permanent town. First attempt, I was so confused and didn’t know that you can choose where you can place your house. I thought wherever the Plaza was is where you will live. So I started over. When I learned the mechanic, I had to start over again since I liked my first layout more. Third attempt, I had apples as my town fruit, which I didn’t want since that would make the apples my 100 Bell fruit. So I had to start over one more time. I placed Ferry’s house in front of a river and next to a ramp. Westport was technically Eastport since the ocean was on the east.

My first five villagers were Nan, Robin, Walt, Patty, and Sterling. The next three were Cherry, Pudge, and Chops. I had random villagers moving in and out. On my first town, I did not want all of my villagers to be on one side of the river. I’m okay if an animal moved south of the river, but I don’t want all of them to move south of the river. But for a few times, it has happened. Adding insult to injury (until I realized that it was a good layout later on), all of them were in a row. Thankfully, I had a few animals north of the river, and I tried to keep them there.

As for decorating my town, this is what I had planned here. One was supposed to be the mayor’s house, with two GracieGrace themes. Another was supposed to be some kind of hotel. Then I would have a holiday mansion and a winter house. Due to the high difficulty of getting the winter items (and since the Cabin series was rarely sold at the Nooklings), I opted out of having a winter house (but at least I had one in my current town). All of my trees south of the river would have fruits while the ones north of the river were fruitless. Ferry’s house was next to the beach ramp of the eastern side. Kaylee’s was bounded by three sides of the river and was in the southernmost point on the north side of the river. Holly’s was where Sterling’s once was, which is in the thin strip north of the river on the east. And Turtle’s house was behind a sea cliff and in front of the Plaza. I had no paths. My first PWP was a cobblestone bridge. But I also had a few lamps, a fountain, a lighthouse, and a video screen. Plus, a yellow bench, solar panels, and a wind turbine. I had my Police Station next to Town Hall, my Campsite on the other thin strip, but on the west side, and the Cafe next to the Train Station plaza.

One frustration I had in ACNL was the animal moving mechanic. Three animals (one at a time) moved directly in front of my house. Because of this, I had to block it with a fountain to prevent further move-ins in-front of my house. The other target to prevent animals from moving in front of Town Hall. I was able to get both preventions done.

Now moving onto the Museum. From the very beginning to Kaylee’s character creation, I only focused on the Museum with a few PWPs and animal chats. I donated fish, insects, and fossils. I wanted to get the second floor project done though. The first wing was the Fossil exhibit. Before I started time traveling out of June, my focus was to get all the fossils donated (yes, all 67 of them). After that, I started time traveling out of June. I went back to February since it was the latest month to catch a bagworm. I also had to get fish and seafood at that time. I then focused on moving forwards in order to get my museum complete. After I got both the fish and insects finished, I went back to July and time traveled back and forth constantly until I got all of my works of art collected from Redd.

Animal Stories

Although I never really cared about animals in ACNL, I had a few favorite animals before. And if I can remember well, I had some animals that were really nice to me.

My favorite villager I ever had in Westport is Caroline. I always liked the squirrels, and aside to her species and character design, she is a normal villager. Normal villagers are my favorite villagers based on personality. What I liked about Caroline even more was that she was the one who suggested the lighthouse PWP. I only got to hold onto her on my first month. Some point later, around the finishing of my museum, she moved away before I made Kaylee. The worst part was that she didn’t send me her pic. Since she moved away, I focused on getting her back, but this never happened since my town was deleted.

Although Kitty isn’t one of my favorite villagers, I did like her. Kitty was the villager like Caroline while I had both Ferry and Kaylee. She hosted a birthday party for both of my characters. On the day before I created Holly, Kitty moved away.

Another villager I liked was Mira. Because she moved north of the river, I tried to keep her in town and not let her move out. Around the end of my Westport days, Mira was like my best friend. I didn’t want to lose her. I was able to get more north-side animals while I had her, but she was like a nice friend to me. Unfortunately, she didn’t stay forever since I had to get rid of this town. Mira was one of my favorite Uchi villagers because of this.

Town Deletion

On October 21st, 2013, I deleted my entire town of Westport. On that day, I was preparing for my next town, Belcroft. After I transferred all of my items, I ended up deleting my town for good. Because I tried hard to look for a lab bench to complete my Mad Scientist’s theme (and since the Nooklings never sold it), I decided to give up. I took a break from playing the game. Because of my poor planning, the group mechanic not letting me get the items I want, and the fact I needed to start a new town, I had to delete it.

Before I considered deleting my town, there were three pushes to deleting my town. I threaten on deleting my town because of them, but I didn’t want to do it since I had to go through these frustrating processes again. But hey, I had to do this. Anyway, here are the pushes to deleting my town:

My first one was my worst one. On my time traveling journey, I completed my Cafe donations on March 15th, 2013 (as the Nooklings announced that they’re remodeling for one last time). On the day after, I was ready to host the ceremony, but Isabelle won’t let me because of a Fishing Tourney. She said “but what about today’s event?” to me when I sat down. I was like “but what about the Cafe” when I read that. She also said that “it’s unhealthy to work all day” and told me to take a break. I’m like hello, the project is complete, so shouldn’t we host the ceremony. What’s even worse was that the Fishing Tourney was already over for the day, and she won’t let me host the ceremony. In my eyes, once a project is finished, the ceremony must be held on the day after donations are complete. But she wouldn’t let me because of some event. So I went to the next day, but once again, there was another holiday. I was angry because not every country celebrates St. Patrick’s Day (as there wasn’t a holiday for that in the GameCube Version). Town Hall was closed that day, making it two consecutive days where I couldn’t host the ceremony. On the third day after donations, she will let me host the event. But I was angry at her. I wanted the project hosted on the day after completion, but I was forced to delay it, by two days. Angered by this mechanic, I decided to cancel the ceremony. I later regretted this. I was angry at Isabelle. I wanted to even fire her as secretary because of the holidays preventing my Cafe ceremony hosted on the opening date and the day after. I felt like it was the worst mistake I made in-game because the Cafe ceremony might be the best one ever, and I canceled it. So Westport’s Cafe in my opinion was ruined. Here is a lesson in the future. When you are about to finish project donations, please do not finish on the day before an event, especially over a project that can’t be demolished after construction. I was even thinking about deleting my entire town because of this.

The next push to deleting my town was Jacques. Because I focused too hard on getting Redd’s art, I never even interacted with him, and he moved out too early. I didn’t even get to stop him, and I held onto him for less than two hours in real life. Because I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, I don’t think I should give my town a chance to live.

The third push was Aurora. Since she was a normal villager (and penguin), I appear to like her. I actually tried to keep her away from moving out at one time. But after some time traveling, she didn’t warn me that she was going to move, and she moved without sending a goodbye letter. I even liked her. So I was like “that’s it!” when it happened. But I didn’t want to delete my town because I didn’t want to lose progress.

As a result, the pushes never got me to deleting my town, but I did eventually delete the town with all these bad experiences, especially the Cafe Ceremony one. Anyway, as I prepared for the next town, I created a character on someone else’s town to hold onto the items I want to keep as I deleted my town. I got the Gorgeous Series, some sci-fi items, and a few others I wanted to keep.


  • The shaved ice lamp owned by Ferry, the autumn carpet and wallpaper owned by Holly, and the Sci-fi carpet and wallpaper were owned by Penny, Jenny, and Kaylee in StarFall (respectively).
  • Because of Kaylee being my best character, she was the only one recreated in my future towns.
  • Westport was the only town I had the Reset Surveillance Center in.
  • All of the completable goals in Wild World were achieved in my first town (perfect town status, museum completion, and house renovations/completion).
  • One of the custom displays in Westport’s museum had the same furniture for one of the rooms in Kaylee’s house in both Belcroft and StarFall.
  • My first fish I caught with Ferry isn’t a fish, but rather the frog.
  • Westport’s town fruit was the peach.

And that’s all, but the pre-history of StarFall is not over. Next week, I will go over the town of Belcroft.


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