About Mayor Kaylee (and my town)

We all know that I am a male, but my character is not. Another thing, it’s true that I didn’t base my characters after real people like I said last Tuesday. However, Kaylee is somehow a female version of me. While we have similarities, we have differences. Also, Kaylee is actually a symbol, a symbol of what my dream girlfriend is. Of course, I would always want to date a girl that is sweet, critical of left-wing ideologies, and is in the business field in college. This is who Kaylee is. You can see their biographies in Week two’s Tuesday entries.

Although I created Kaylee nearly over a year before I made StarFall, I didn’t start making her official backstory until I made StarFall, when I had Jenny and Penny. Her original backstory doesn’t match her official backstory. First of all, Kaylee mostly worn pants in my first two towns. According to her official backstory, she would never wear pants. She’s in favor of wearing dresses and skirts more, with no exceptions. Also, while she would never wear a dress without tights, she would never wear a skirt with tights or leggings. 80% of the time, Kaylee would wear a skirt, along with a long-sleeved shirt. She likes to show her legs below the knees, but she doesn’t like showing her arms. Another thing, the Kaylee in my first two towns isn’t very sweet at all, and a bit more serious. In the actual story, Kaylee is very sweet, and is only serious on serious issues. She’s silly the rest of the time (like she acts like she was abused when she gets rickrolled or she will hit with her ponytail if someone calls her fat). Although the Kaylee in my second town has the same birthday as she really does, the first one has a birthday of July 20th. Her actual birthday is October 1st. Her character design (ponytail hair, dark brown hair, brown eyes with AAA shape, white skin) is the same all along, which explains why she had that.

In regards to her fashion preferences, the reason why I made her a girl who likes wearing knee-length skirts and long sleeve shirts is a bit more complicated. As she is a symbol of my dream girlfriend, I would prefer dating girls that like wearing skirts rather than pants. I also think girls that wear skirts look better with long-sleeve shirts. The ponytail, I like girls with ponytails, especially long and fat ones.

Now that I’m done sharing about how Kaylee symbolizes what kind of girl I like to date, I will now go over how Kaylee is similar and different to me.

Differences between Kaylee and I

Space Arcade

Of course, the two obvious differences between Kaylee and I are the gender differences and the reality differences. I am a real boy. She’s just a fictional girl. It means we’ll never get married, but I hope to meet a girl like her in real life. There are five other differences both of us have:

  1. Personality – Kaylee’s ultimate personality is that she’s sweet. In StarFall, the sweeter a girl is, the sillier she is. And all three of my human villagers are at that level. For me, I can be sweet and silly, but the whole time, my personality is mixed. I can be bitter sometimes. Kaylee is more tolerant of getting a backlash, even if she doesn’t want one. For me, I am highly sensitive to getting a backlash or being pointed in a negative light. Sometimes, I do act up, but most of the times people point me in a negative light, it has to be over contrasting opinions. And I hate being given a negative reputation. Kaylee is a positive thinker, with a few times she is negative, but only on her blog. I’m mostly negative, which makes me an unhappy person. Even I wish I can get out of this negative phase. With my personality flaws (anxiety, aggression, and negativity), I will never be as sweet as Kaylee.
  2. Disability – an interesting fact about me is that I am autistic or have Asperger’s. I also have a serious hearing impairment when I was little. In fact, I had four surgeries on my left ear, and I still get doctor’s visits. Kaylee is very normal. She is not physically or mentally handicapped or disabled. She did have some problems with her body. She had ovarian cancer and uterine cancer as a teenager, which resulted in surgeries that removed part of her reproductive system. She will never get cancer again, but this ruined her life since she wanted children. Her power to seek the truth inside someone was a gift from God as a form of sympathy, but that power uses her fat as fuel, making her suffer fat deficiency (a mild version though). This is why she eats unhealthy foods all the time, to help her recover from it, and to use as a fuel for her power. So she had problems with her body too, but she isn’t autistic. Nor does she have any sort of mental disorder (unless if you count silliness as one).
  3. Wealth – I mentioned earlier that she is very rich. At birth, both of her parents were rich. Her father (and mother) were both non-corrupt lawyers that written bestselling books. The total family wealth is $0.2 billion (or $200 million). Unlike her, my family was poor before 2009, including me. Even if we’re no longer poor, our family wealth would never be as high as Kaylee alone. Also, I always lived in an apartment until 2010 when I have an actual house. Kaylee lived in an actual house as a child, but lived in an apartment after graduation. However, she did live in a luxury apartment. I was in those cheap ones.
  4. Maturity – Even if I’m 22, I’m still immature. I’m poor in hygiene, lack time management, and sometimes, have a bad grade in responsibility. Not only that, I’m usually lazy. But I am good at video gaming. I even have helpful advice to someone who’s never played the video game in question before. Kaylee is the opposite of that. She does very well with time management. She is a very clean girl. She’s good with responsibility, and she can cook and clean well, even if she doesn’t do any of that with Jenny and Penny around. She can finish five hard essays in one day, but it takes me a few days to complete one. As for her skill in video gaming, she is a terrible person. It takes her one year to beat an easy video game, and if she is just as lazy as me, six months is her expected time.
  5. Weight – Kaylee is a skinny girl. She has healthy eating habits, even if she eats unhealthy foods a lot. She is more conscious of her nutrients she takes in. She exercises a lot too. Her weight is 130 pounds, and it’s hard for her to go over 135 pounds. For me, I am fat, very fat. I weigh over 200 pounds, and at the end of 2013, over 300 pounds. I even had a surgery on my stomach very early in 2014. Even if I lost a lot of weight, I still can’t go under 200 easily.

I also forgot to mention that she is Roman Catholic. I am either an unspecified Christian or a Protestant. I don’t go to church that much while Kaylee goes to church every Sunday (except when she was living in StarFall). She’s different to other girls too, but that’s another story.

Similarities between Kaylee and I

Space Guest Room

Even if a sweet, skinny, and rich girl in ACNL is being played by a mixed-personality, fat, and formerly poor boy, Kaylee is somehow a female version of me. There are similarities between both of us. For example, I have brown hair, just like her. We also have a good sense of morals and know what’s right and what’s wrong. Here are five other similarities between the both of us:

  1. Politics – both the mayor of StarFall and I are identified under the Republican Party, even if she has no interest into law and politics. Even as a millennial, she has strong conservative views. Both of us are pro-life, anti-gun control, in favor for right-to-work laws, anti-communist (including Obamacare), and don’t throw in race in every issue. We also don’t like to be bullied into supporting the opposing opinions. We believe that everyone should be responsible. Some of Kaylee’s physical and social attributes indicate that she is conservative, even if I don’t mention her political viewpoints. We both agree on some liberal viewpoints too. We oppose smoking in restaurants, pro-recycling, oppose coal and oil while supporting solar and wind energy, believe that evolution should be taught in schools, and support increased job capacity. Kaylee doesn’t talk about politics a lot, but she is very conservative.
  2. Place of birth – both of us are born in California. Our cities of birth are part of the Inland Empire, which is the desert region in Southern California. We like the Californian fast food chains, Disneyland, and the Pacific Time, but doesn’t like problems with society.
  3. Career interests – Kaylee’s dream job is to run a hotel resort. Unlike her, I want to run a restaurant. Either way, we both have to aim for a major in business and hospitality. We need to learn about finances, economics, business management, advertising, and corporations.
  4. Opposite gender interests – as I said before, Kaylee loves boys. If there’s anything she likes more, it would have to be boys. But she can be crazy sometimes. While most girls in relationship with a boy still prefer being with girls than boys, Kaylee rather hang out with the boys. Even if she doesn’t have too many female friends, her best friends are female. I based Kaylee’s love interest into men and boys after my interest into women and girls. In high school, I used to sit with the girls all the time, sometimes with those of the same grade, and other times with those at one level above me. All of my human characters in StarFall are female. My favorite villager (and favorite non-villager) in ACNL, also female.
  5. Other interests – Kaylee and I have some of the same non-political opinions too. Even if she isn’t too video game or TV show savvy, she likes other things too. My favorite themes are the Sci-fi theme and Medieval theme. Kaylee’s two favorite themes are exactly the same. Her favorite season is fall, she likes cold air over hot air, and likes wind. Like her, I like all that too. Her favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween. Same is true with me.

Some of my other interests aren’t what inspired Kaylee’s backstory, but they have inspired the other two as well.

StarFall – etymology

Snow Outdoors

If you want to know where I came up with the town name, it is already a popular town name, but the difference is that the “F” is capitalized. The first word, star, refers to science fiction. Popular titles with that word include Star Wars, Star Trek, and a few other things like that. The stars refer to the big balls of gas that burn and illuminate the sky, which is in space, a popular destination for sci-fi books and movies. Kaylee is a sci-fi person. The Space Castle, the illuminated projects, and the modern motif on the North Side of the river best match the sci-fi theme. The second word, refers to the season of fall. All three of the girls have birthdays in October, November, and the first week of December, which is all in the fall season. Their astrological signs are the fall signs. Jenny’s house best fits the fall theme, while Penny’s house, even if it’s winter-themed, fits what month my dream town is set in – December. The month of December is a winter month, but the majority of the month is in the fall.

Now that I’m done going over what Kaylee and I have in common, I should return to my AC-related opinions on the Thursday blogs.


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