StarFall – Meet the Cast

Most players of Animal Crossing prefers one of the 250+ villagers in the game as their favorite character out of the entire game. Popular villagers include Marshal, Ankha, Stitches, and more characters like that. Some like the non-villagers as their favorite character, especially Isabelle. I seem to like the non-villagers pretty well, as I don’t care too much over the regular villagers. However, if there’s any characters I like more than anything from Animal Crossing, it would have to be the human characters. Caroline is my favorite villager, but most of the female humans with the half-circle eyes (otherwise known as AAA eyes) are way better than her, even the ones I don’t own.

The town of StarFall, which is actually owned by a male player, has only three human residents, and they are all female. Not just female, but they have the same eye shape. Even if all humans have the same backstory according to Nintendo, I treat my characters as my original creations and decide their backstory, but not in-game. We may have a lot of players who care a lot about animals, but I’m more for my human residents than anything else in-game.

That’s enough introduction, so it’s time to meet the three women that live in StarFall. Our first one is the mayor of StarFall. She has the most duties out of all three of them and keeps the town in good shape. And she is…



Born in the Inland Empire on October 1st, 1993, Kaylee has always been a sweet, but silly girl. She has never experienced a life outside luxury, making her believe that everyone can afford anything. She is a straight-A student, Class of 2011 graduate, and the only member of her family to be private-schooled. Her religion is Roman Catholic, her political party is Republican, and her ethnicity is English and Spanish. Her father’s ancestry in the US started in the 1600’s as part of the English colonists. The ancestors in the mid-1800’s went to Northern California as part of the goldrush. Her mother’s ancestors were Spanish, but all of them after the 1500’s were colonists in present-day Southern California. From 1870 and later, all of Kaylee’s ancestors are Californian.

As a Southern Californian herself, Kaylee has a lot of interests most Californians have. Her favorite fast food chain is In-N-Out, four of the other top ten favorite fast foods are Californian, she likes living in the desert, she likes amusement parks like Disneyland, and she isn’t scared of earthquakes.

Kaylee’s physical attributes: she is 5’6″ tall, weighs 130 pounds, thick brown hair, and brown eyed.

Kaylee’s personality is very sweet and hardly angered. She doesn’t take offense if someone calls her fat. She takes serious issues like work and morals seriously, but is very silly almost the rest of the time. She is tolerant of any race, religion, and class, but is a bit sexist and has very few female friends. She loves boys, and has very many male friends. Because of her boyish interests and high intolerance of snobs, she does better around boys than girls.

Kaylee has only one superpower, which is the power to see the truth inside anyone. She can tell what anyone did at anytime, no matter how far in the past it is. She can even tell if someone is lying or not. The only lie detector machine she owns is herself.

Kaylee 01

A few days after her 18th birthday, she had to escape California due to the bad state in economy. Her family stayed as Kaylee moved all the way to Texas. She brought her car, some of her favorite stuff, and the part of the money her father gave to her as she left (which is $10 million, 5% of her family’s total wealth). She met a rich Mexican family on arrival and became close friends. They moved to Houston, where Kaylee met her two best friends for life, Jenny and Penny, whom were also sweet girls.

While living in Houston, Kaylee, Jenny, and Penny all lived in a penthouse-like apartment. Kaylee was the owner of the apartment shared by Jenny, Penny, and the Mexican family she first met. Kaylee’s job was a hotel front desk clerk at a luxury hotel, local to her apartment. She did not attend college while in Houston since she needed a break from school. She had fun with her best friends and went out a lot.

Kaylee 02

Kaylee’s interests are very mixed. Based on how girly or boyish she is, she stand right in the center. First of all, she only likes to dress girly. All of her dresses and shirts are long-sleeved because she doesn’t like showing off her arms, even if it’s summer. She exclusively wears dresses or skirts and shirts. All of her skirts are knee-length and have vertical folds or ridges. Her dresses are also knee-length. When she’s wearing a dress, it’s always with black tights at an opacity of 90%. But when she’s wearing a skirt, she likes wearing long white socks. Her shoes are always black or brown. She only likes wearing her hair in a ponytail. The four-leaf clover in her hair is an actual four-leaf clover in-game, but it’s really a clover hairpin. She wears it even she’s sleeping. She is highly critical of wearing makeup and jewelry, and she never wears jewelry or makeup. She also opposes tattoos, hair dying, and tanning. Despite being very religious, she doesn’t like covering her hair.

Kaylee’s fashion preferences aren’t the only things girly about her. Her favorite color is pink. Second in line is purple. Between the two, she likes almost any shade of pink or purple as long as it’s not over 75% red. Her third favorite color is blue and any shade of blue. Her favorite neutral color is white. Even if all of her scarves are yellow, her least favorite color is yellow. She also doesn’t like green that much either.

While she likes to dress girly and likes girly colors, her preferences in media and entertainment is primarily boyish. She likes Star Wars and superhero comics, but not Barbie or My Little Pony. She is okay with Disney Princesses, but likes non-princess Disney heroines more. Her favorite themes are Sci-fi and Medieval, mainly due to her interest in advanced technology and highly religious nature, respectively. As a result in her theme preferences, she lives in a castle-like building in StarFall with every room being futuristic.

When it comes to eating, Kaylee doesn’t mind eating anything as long as it’s not gross, unsuitable for eating, or candy. Every year from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, she is a vegan who won’t eat sweets, but for the rest of the time, she can eat anything. Her favorite food is cheesecake. Her favorite drink is milkshake.

Kaylee’s dream job is to be an entrepreneur. She dreams of running a hotel resort. If she were a college student, she would have a major in business. She can do well in accounting, management, and hospitality.

Kaylee 03

When Kaylee moved to StarFall on January 2nd, 2014, she was forced to become mayor. Due to her belief that only men should hold office and her fear of abusing her power, she was very dissatisfied with her job. But, as long as she is mayor, she can decorate StarFall anyway she wants it to be. She lived with the animals and her best friends when they followed her.

While living in StarFall, Kaylee was in charge of building the Public Works Projects, fossil donations, and landscaping. She plays little role in laying out the paths in town.

Kaylee 04

Our second character is StarFall’s master chef. She is more than just an alternative character, but quite contributive as well. Here she is…



Jenny is a girl born in Southern Mexico on November 6th, 1993. She is of a full Spanish descent, which originated from the Scandinavian, hence her blonde characteristics. Like Kaylee, Jenny is sweet and silly, but as much as Kaylee is. She is very skinny, tall, and athletic. She is also Roman Catholic, but not as religious as Kaylee. Her political views are Libertarian. She has no respect towards the Democrats or Republicans in power.

Jenny is more tolerant of any group than the other two. She is very mature, responsible, and talented. She is white, but has darker skin than the other two. She is 5’8″ in height. Even if she’s more spoiled than the other two, she’s not very easy to anger or spoil.

Everything Jenny writes is in English. She has very good sense of grammar and spelling. However, she only speaks Spanish since her pronunciation of English is mostly wrong. She can only pronounce her American name, as well as the names of her two friends, correctly. So she can understand English, but not speak English.

Jenny 01

When Jenny was nine, she was kidnapped by a crazy American tourist who wanted to harm her. When they arrived in San Antonio, the tourist was arrested, but the cop that took him away told Jenny that she couldn’t come back to Mexico, even if she isn’t citizen in America. A lawyer from Houston naturalized and adopted her as a foster daughter. Even if his family was rich, Jenny doesn’t like being spoiled by wealth, so he got her own private house in the backyard with a third-world look. She later wanted to adapt to American culture after her huge interest in America. The adoptive family gave her a new name – Jenny.

Ever since Jenny moved to Houston, she never left the city until 2012 for a vacation. Throughout her life, she had one best friend who was close to her in school the whole time, Penny. For life, they have always got along. They hung out with each other, visited each other’s homes, and even helped out each other. They both even have the highest grades at their schools.

After meeting Kaylee at age 17, Jenny started to experience a life of luxury. She also got a job as a chef at a restaurant near the hotel Kaylee works at. She also does all of the cooking for the three when they lived together. Jenny know a lot on culinary arts. Because of her cooking skills and productivity, she was the highest paid chef at the restaurant she works at.

Jenny 02

Like Kaylee, Jenny’s fashion sense is mostly feminine. She likes wearing dresses and skirts, but her shirts and dresses are short-sleeved or sleeveless. She only wears long sleeves if it’s a jacket or coat. Although she wears skirts much more infrequently and dress more frequently than Kaylee, 65% of the time, she would wear a skirt with a top. 40% of the time she is in a skirt, she’s in a short skirt with a sleeveless top. Occasionally, she would wear pants, unlike Kaylee, who would never. Like Kaylee, she has the same kind of tights and wears them with her dresses only. Her socks, are mostly short socks. Jenny likes being natural as Kaylee when it comes to makeup, jewelry etc, but she likes having her hair in a ponytail.

Jenny’s interests are neither girly nor boyish. She prefers the gender-neutral topics and toys. Her favorite colors are orange, brown, and black. Her favorite themes are the fall theme and the Southern US theme.

Although Jenny doesn’t mind cooking anything, she is a vegan since she finds eating meat gross. She can eat fruits, vegetables, and bread/grains. She can eat meat, but very rarely.

Jenny had her dream job for a while until she moved to StarFall. Her dream job was to be a chef. If she attended college, she would get a major in culinary arts.

Jenny 03

Jenny’s cooking career ended on the day before January 5th, 2014, the day she moved to StarFall with Kaylee. Jenny lived next to Penny on a thin strip of land in town. Her duties as a villager is to catch and donate all the insects to the museum. In addition, she holds part of the paths and cuts down trees for landscaping.

Jenny 04

The last of the three women in StarFall is the town’s florist and cleaner…



Penny is a girl born in Northern Mexico on December 5th, 1993. Like Jenny, Penny is of a Spanish descent, doesn’t speak English, writes only in English, and is Roman Catholic. She is sweeter and sillier than Jenny, but not as much as Kaylee. Her political views are more appealing to tradition and not to modern life.

Penny may not be as talented as the other two, but she does a better job at cleaning than the others. She is playful and friendly, and was always a happy girl, even if she was always below the poverty line until her adulthood.

Penny 01

At age nine, Penny’s family, including Penny, moved to the United States. They were naturalized before they got their house in Houston. Even though she’s living in the US, she still values her Mexican heritage and wants to keep her culture. Even in America, they were still poor.

While living in Houston, she met Jenny in school, who was very sweet and friendly to her. They both hung out with each other, helped out each other, and visited each others’ houses. Because of how identical they are, they became good friends. When both graduated from high school in 2011, they only lived with each other and left their families.

Penny’s life of poverty ended when Kaylee met the two in the mall. She promised her that she can share an apartment with her and Jenny. Promise was kept as Kaylee became part of the trio. While Kaylee works full time as a hotel clerk and Jenny works as a full time chef at a restaurant, Penny was part time cleaner of the restaurant and part time service person at the hotel. She did all the cleaning and house making for the apartment all three of them lived in.

Penny 02

Penny is just as neutral as Jenny is when it comes to how girly or boyish they are. Penny only likes short-sleeve shirts and dresses. She likes knee-length dresses and skirts, just like Kaylee. Very rarely, she would wear short skirts, and not as rarely, but still uncommon, she would wear pants, especially as part of her bedtime outfit. She likes wearing tights with a dress, and socks if she isn’t wearing a dress. She likes being natural in beauty and her hair in a ponytail.

Penny may like boyish stuff and girly stuff, but one thing she is more interested into anything is plants. She is a plant lover. She thinks plants are people and would cry if she saw a plant die. She enjoys watering flowers, growing plants, and taking good care of plants. She even had a pet tomato shrub when she was a child. Nobody was allowed to pick the tomatoes or eat them unless if the shrub grew too many. Penny’s favorite colors are green, red, and white. Her favorite themes are the winter theme and the Mexican theme.

When it comes to eating, Penny is the exact opposite of Jenny. Due to her love in plants and finding eating vegetables to be cruel, she only eats meat. She would also eat products from animals, as well as bread and grain. She can’t even cook or cut fruits or vegetables.

Penny’s dream job is to be a florist. She still cleans, but she wants to be a flower delivery person. She would major in agriculture and forestry if she was in college.

Penny 03

Penny was the last of the three to move to StarFall. She moved in on January 7th. She lives next to Jenny. Her job is to catch the fish and deep sea catches for donations, path holding, and watering the flowers.

Penny 04

The introduction is over. No, I did not base these characters after real people or other’s characters. They are original characters. There are many complicated reasons on why I had more information on Kaylee than the other two, but one of them is that Jenny and Penny were similar to each other.

You will be seeing or hearing about them a lot more in the future on Town of StarFall every Tuesday. You can see what contributions they have made or what they did that was helpful.


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