Units of Measurement – Positives and Negatives

Last week was the first week for Town of StarFall. Every other Monday, I will have a list of facts and anything else educational as part of my blog. You might want to see some interesting facts about the world, as I’ll share it here.

If you want to know, math is my strong subject in school. I may have some math as part of my blog. Today’s entry will be about the units of measurement, and what are the positives and negatives of measuring. An increase in a measurement is positive, but a decrease is negative.


Measurement Positive Negative
Distance Longer Shorter
Length Longer Shorter
Width Wider Narrower
Height Taller Shorter
Depth Deeper More Shallow
Altitude Higher Lower


Measurement Positive Negative
Weight Heavier Lighter
Mass Bigger Smaller
Density More Mass Less Mass
Density Smaller Volume Greater Volume


Measurement Positive Negative
Temperature Hotter/Warmer Colder/Cooler
Air Pressure More Dense Less Dense
Water Pressure Stronger Weaker
Pressure Greater Weaker


Measurement Positive Negative
Time Longer Shorter
Speed Faster Slower
Acceleration Accelerating Decelerating


Measurement Positive Negative
Capacity More full More empty
Size Bigger Smaller


Measurement Positive Negative
Wavelength Longer Shorter
Wave Frequency More frequent Less frequent
Brightness Brighter Dimmer
Sound Pitch Higher Pitch Lower Pitch
Volume Louder More silent

Of course, there is more than what I stated, but this is all I can name today. If you have any more to say, or if I got some wrong, feel free to comment.


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